Password inconsistencies

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Password inconsistencies

Post by hinikuya » Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:48 pm

Not sure where to put this, so...

I went to change my password on the main board yesterday. It accepted my 32 character password, symbols and all, without much fuss. However, I went onto the forums, and it would not allow me to log in. I tried my new password, old password and reset password. Nothing would let me log in, so I gave up and slept on it.

Today, I tried changing my password on the main board back to my old password, and, lo and behold, the forums allowed me to log in with that password (note: not the reset password). Curiously, in order to change my password on the forums, I had to provide my "current" password; this turned out to be the one it was reset to, and not the one I actually logged into the account with. Obviously, there's some discrepancy here, but I shall leave that to the exercise of the administrators.

I also noticed that the forums state the password can only be up to 30 characters long. The password area on the main board does not give any restrictions on length (issue #1 with my new password). Further experimentation reveals that certain symbols are not allowed (neither the main board nor the forums give any indication as to this). I didn't bother testing them all out, as I'm sure those involved most likely have a comprehensive list already on hand somewhere.

Perhaps a notice informing users of the limitations enforced on passwords would be useful?

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Re: Password inconsistencies

Post by Merun » Sat Mar 26, 2011 2:11 pm

I remember having a problem with my password containing an hyphen on the forum, so I reverted to my old one.
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