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Problems when searching "no character" images

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 3:57 pm
by RockRabbit
A few days ago I came across an Image I have uploaded that did not have a character tag, even though it was from a well known source and the character does indeed have a name and an existing tag on the website.
So I decided to go into advance search and hunt down all of my images that might have been missed when the character tags were added and add the characters.
Unfortunately, after being done with the first page and going to the next one, I noticed that the results this time are of all my images, including ones with character tag. The URL on the top still has the no character part in it, but the results for some reason did not come out as I wished they would.
I tried it once more and again, after going to page 2, the same event I'm guessing it's a bug :c
Also, I was using the "show as thumbnails" thingy when displaying the results, if this is of any importance.