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best advocates in Supreme Court of India -; The action of the management in terminating the appellant's service is violative of the principles of natural justice. In the present context it refers to the political participation of the people in running the administration of the government. 9 of the Code of Civil Procedure has been contracted out. Giovanni Sartori translates the same idea in institutional form and says that democracy is a multi-party system in which the majority governs and respects the right of minority.

The result in such a case would be that while one man of this class is assigned the strength of one full vote, others have to be content with only a fraction. "2(b)Capitation fee' means any amount, by whatever name called, paid or collected directly or indirectly in excess of the fee prescribed under s"on 5, but does not include the deposit specified under the proviso to section 3. The choice of the candidate and the right to stand as a candidate at the election are inherent in the principle of adult suffrage, that is, one man one vote.

The repeated emphasis that was given to the rule of one man one vote in the various documents preceding Sikkim's merger with India, clearly defines the system of government which the people of Sikkim by an overwhelming majority decided to establish and which was exactly the same as under the Indian Constitution. (2) An employee who absents himself from duty without leave or overstays his leave, except under circumstances beyond his control for which he must tender a satisfactory explanation, shall not be entitled to draw any pay and allowances during such absence or overstayal and shall further be liable to such disciplinary measures as the competent authority may impose.

The Section along with its proviso reads thus. By permitting the 90 per cent of the population to vote not only for 10 per cent seats available to them, but also for the 90 per cent reserved seats the basic flaw going to the root of the matter is not cured. I would, therefore, strike down Section 25-A inserted in the 1950 Act by the Act 10 of 1976 and the provisions contained best advocates in Supreme Court of India clause (c) of sub-section (1-A) which has been inserted in Section 7 of the 1950 Act by Act 8 of 1980, the words "other than the constituency reserved for the Sanghas" in clause (a) of sub-section (2) as well as clause (c) of sub-section (2) inserted in Section 5-A of the 1951 Act by Act 8 of 1980 as being unconstitutional.

The waiver expressly engrafted was only of the Arbitrator appointed by the 285 Administrative Head of the appellant one who was its representative who had had occasion to express views on all or any of the matters in dispute or differences on which he had had earlier dealt with to which the contract related to. comes to about Rs 1,356 per month. This goal cannot be achieved by merely allotting each person one vote which they can cast in favour of a particular candidate or a special group of persons, selected for this purpose by others, in which they have no say.

Under clause 13 (2) (iv) of Certified Standing Orders, on completion of eight calendar days' absence from duty an employee shall be deemed to have abandoned the services and lost his lien on his appointment. The expression has been used in this sense, both in the Indian Constitution and by the people of Sikkim as their goal to achieve. If there is 90 per cent reservation in the seats of a House in favour of 10 per cent of the population in the State, and only the remaining 10 per cent of the seats are left to the majority population, then the principle of adult suffrage as included in Article 326 is sacrificed.

" It would thus be clear that all questions and disputes relating to the contract shall be referred to the sole arbitration of the person appointed by the Administrative Head of the appellant. capitation fees by any educational institution or anyone connected with its management, notwithstanding any other top law firms in Supreme Court of India for the time being top advocates in Supreme Court of India force. Subject to as aforesaid the provisions of the Arbitration Act, 1940 (for short 'the Act' added) or any statutory modication or re-enactment thereof and the rules made thereunder and for the time being top law firms in Supreme Court India force shall apply to the arbitration proceedings 'under this cluase.

(1) 'It shall be competent for the Government by notification, to regulate the tuition fee or any other fee that may be levied and collected by any educational institution in respect of each class of students. the rent for the area of 13566. It conveys the state of affairs in which each citizen is assured of the right of equal participation in the polity. (1)The initial rent of Rs 4,500 per annum (Rs 375 per month) offered by the applicants is very low and that even at the rate of 10 paise per sq.

The right to suit available under Sec. " Section 3 prohibits collection of. The period of such absence or overstayal may, if not followed by discharge under Regulation 22 or termination of services under Regulation 25 or dismissal under Regulation 47, be treated as period spent on extraordinary leave.