Quarry Theater By Foster Wilson Architects

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The Quarry Theater at St Luke's has been made from a repetitive Moravian church and Minister's Home to create a new performing arts center for Bedford School and the area neighborhood, combining the very best of the old and the brand new to provide a helpful use for an essential Grade II stated building. The leading of the church encounters onto St Peter's Street, in the town heart, whilst the area at a corner adjoins the School site.
However there is number ideal form or measurement of a theater but you can find standard principles for developing a good theater and the quarry theater is a good example for it.
The Design of the Quarry Theater:
The church has been converted into a 300 seat galleried courtyard theater, and the Minister's House restored to supply top of home features, offices and a studio, with the supplement of a fresh lobby and backstage extension at the rear.
The new lobby wraps across the semi-circular wall to the first chancel and a rounded wall of glass offers views on the secluded gardens of the old churchyard.
The Quarry theater is a flat-floored flexible space, produced by inserting a fresh metal structure within the volume of the prevailing church, which allows the prevailing interior to learn through. The prevailing balcony has been re-tiered and two degrees of new galleries have already been placed at the edges, along with high-level suspensions for landscape and stage lighting.