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This board was designed primarily for fans of cute anime girl images. Other images may be submitted, but try to keep it anime, manga, japanese related. Though 4chan often has nice images, I don't like the futaba-like boards' user interfaces much and their userbases are often less than appealing. Also, boards of that type allow many different types of images, something I'm not currently interested in.

I am fan of moeboard but that board is designed for Korean speakers and I wanted a nice English alternative. I created this board as a combination of the features I like from both 4chan and moeboard.

The board will anonymously accessible unless users give me a reason to make it otherwise. I don't want to experience the trolling, flaming, and general stupidity some other image boards are plagued with. Also, users who create an account will have more features accessible to them such as sorting preferences, being able to delete their own posts and images, rating images, etc...

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*There are translated versions of the Rules on our Wiki.
  • Images should include at least one female character. Cute images should be the focus. Guro, hentai, etc are not allowed.
  • Images should not contain nudity. The only exception to this is if it is exclusively for artistic purposes.
  • Characters should not be in overly sexually poses or positions.
  • 'Trap' characters are allowed if they were presented as such in the original source or are fully genderswapped (not just wearing clothes of the opposite sex).
  • Minimum resolution for non-animated images is 350x350.
  • Images should not contain compression artifacts, color impurities, or have other quality issues.
  • Screenshots are not allowed.
  • Watermarked images are not allowed unless the mark is by the original artist or studio.
  • Cosplay photographs are allowed in limited quantities (3 per day).
  • Reposts of images will be disabled unless the more recent image is a clear improvement of the previous one in terms of size/resolution, quality or if enough differences between both images exist to warrant leaving them both enabled.

Mos Maiorum

It also is highly recommended that you also browse through the e-shuushuu traditions page. This page describes the unwritten rules and general code of conduct expected of every member of the e-shuushuu community.