Shuushuu Chat

Shuushuu maintains an IRC channel, #e-shuushuu on for members to discuss images, art, or just casually chat with other members.

Web Client

The easiest way to join the Shuushuu chat is to use the web-based IRC client. This way you can join the chat without having to leave your browser. You must have Java installed to use this chat client. Click the link below to launch it!

Note: When using IRC to have a question answered, it is important to remember that there may not always be someone around to answer your question. If you have a question, go ahead and ask it right away, but stick around for a few minutes at least! The e-shuushuu staff who regularly stay in the cahnnel will usually only check the channel every few minutes at most, especially if there are no active conversations going on. So be patient and someone will respond to your question as soon as possible. If, for any reason you cannot stay in the channel very long, just mention your e-shuushuu username, or other contact information so that the staff can contact you.

Launch the Web Client

Other IRC Clients

If you prefer to use your own IRC client, there are many programs available. In your client you will need to connect to the Chatsociety network at and join the #e-shuushuu channel. Below is a list of popular clients.