Remembering Conker T. Squirrel

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Remembering Conker T. Squirrel

Post by ThunderYellowWarrior »

Hey Everybody, you know about RareWare?

RareWare in his glory moments make some wonderful games for the consoles SNES and N64 like Donkey Kong Country SNES Trilogy, Killer Instint, Perfect Dark, Get Force Gemini, Donkey Kong 64, and especially Banjo-Kazooie.

But you know over a game was so underrated? Yeah I'm talking over Conker, the red squirrel, one of the best characters ever made, the history over this male squirrel is his debut on Diddy Kong Racing in 1997 for N64, he appears like a playable character, her design looks so adorable when conker was a child. In early of 1998, RareWare is making a game for conker named Twelve Tales: Conker's Quest, but some people say this "THIS GAME IS SO CUTE TO BE FOR ACTION", so Chris Savor (conker's creator) he need to start to make a new project for the N64 console, but, what happen to Twelve Tales? Is canceled, but this game comes to Game Boy Color in 1999 in the Title "Conker's Pocket Tales", this game is so weird.

So in 2001 Conker finally got his game named "Conker's Bad Fur Day", this is one of the best games ever from the Nintendo 64 system, but the game only was launch some countries, because the content rated M is rated to be so "cute" in this game. ... 51e73z.jpg

In 2005, Rare made a remake for the BFD on the XBOX normal called "Conker Live and Reloaded", this remake is so awesome, the soundtrack had a better quality and some changes to the original game.
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Re: Remembering Conker T. Squirrel

Post by Sinamuna »

Geez, the only thing about Conker I remember is being scarred for life as a wee little lass when I decided Conker's Bad Fur Day looked like a fun little game to rent (ah, Blockbuster & Hollywood Video, those were the days). Mom didn't really seem to think it was bad (must have missed the rating on it, lol).

I get home, run to my console. Turn on the TV, boot up the game.
All is fun and games until I reach the part where you have to use some woman's big boobs as a trampoline, and then later deal with some feces (I forgot the scenario there, must have blocked it out). My young mind was horrified lol.

And then I found out a few years later... "no wonder he looks familiar, he's in one of my favorite games- Diddy Kong Racing!"
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