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Valkyrie Crusade

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 4:21 pm
by Merun
Valkyrie Crusade is a card game for iOS and Android. It's F2P, with of course some some paid item, but well.

Game consist in managing a kingdom for resource on one side, and the other side being card fighting! There is a campaign, duel between players. But the main draw is the events which change every 15 days. During each event there is an archwitch which you need to fight. Starting at level 1, the archwitch will keep growing in power each time you beat her. The more powerful she is, better is the chance of getting LOOT! However the most powerful archwitches are also very hard, so you can call your friend to your rescue.

Loot example:

I know Ran is playing, and so I'm. Game is a good time waster on public transport. Though at my level it's getting quite a bit involved to actually progress.

Player list with userId ( codes are available in the Battle Log; use them for invite friends )

Merun - 2xd27

I will add people to this post. Just give me your in-game name and userId.