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Can't create new pages on the wiki

Posted: Tue May 06, 2014 9:12 am
by DoomTay
I've been trying to make a new article for an artist I found the website of, but when I try it submit it, it asks for my password. I enter it, hit submit again, and...nothing. I know I'm inputting my password correctly, so I don't know what's up.

Re: Can't create new pages on the wiki

Posted: Wed May 07, 2014 5:51 am
by yong
Because the wiki was treating you like spam bot ;D
Now you can try again since Eva upgraded your wiki user right to Wiki Ranger xD
If you still have problems with the wiki you may wish to contact Eva for helps~

Re: Can't create new pages on the wiki

Posted: Fri May 09, 2014 5:39 pm
by Merun
I should really work on its replacement... The basic code logic is already done, the servers are there, the domain name is there. It's just lacking the data structure for artist, and the web interface, and users to actually manage.

Re: Can't create new pages on the wiki

Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 4:57 am
by yong
Is it available for a glance yet?
well take your time, once you finished it you can import shuu wiki data to yours xD

Re: Can't create new pages on the wiki

Posted: Wed May 14, 2014 6:34 pm
by Merun
At the current time, it's merely Pixiv Fetcher, but adding a field in database is super easy. Last year I rewrote Pixiv Fetcher to be used as the base for the upgrade I envisioned.

The concept is having a database with its web service, a web application to manage the database, robots to parse websites and auto populate the database, and helper addons like Pixiv Fetcher to interface every website and adds information to them.

Final vision could even have a desktop software which would organise your stored images by artist, or even by some tags, and display them to you, like an image board. ( Of course if I start coding a local image board, it can even be the base for a next generation image board built on modern technology and paradigm. Don't you wish having a real time image board where you won't even hit the refresh button? xD )

What I lacked is time, and interest, be it from me or the general masses. The amount of work is considerable and I have to think on the returns I can get over it. It's in major conflict with my immense crave for writing novels.

The name of the project is MoeDB. It's a recursive acronym for MoeDB Oversees Every Database, an ecosystems of software to add value to your browsing experience.

Re: Can't create new pages on the wiki

Posted: Mon May 19, 2014 2:54 pm
by Evangeline Mcdowell
Anything I can help you with there Merunrun?

since doesn't need me anymore, I can probably help you a bit.

Re: Can't create new pages on the wiki

Posted: Tue May 20, 2014 1:22 pm
by Merun
Hmm, I need to put myself back into the source code, but I may need some opinion on the data structure, or even architecture.

I'm going with a MEAN stack. MongoDB, Express and Node.js are already setup. Express will expose a RESTful API. There are 2 resources at the moments: artists and users. Authentication to the API is by API token, generated randomly per applications per users. I don't want password to remain in clear either in communication or within application ( Pixiv Fetcher for instance ). However I don't think I will step into HTTPS connections or challenge signing for auth, it's a bit overkill but who knows... Password are stored within MongoDB, hashed and salted by bcrypt.

Of course, there is an access control per user, and at the moment, it's just a power level ( mine is over 9000 :p ). 50 allows to edit artists.

Next is the model "Artist", which needs to evolve. Underscored attributes are not associated to the artist, but are necessary for the life cycle of the model

Here is what is inside MongoDB. The schema is maintained using Mongoose.

Code: Select all

pixivId: Number,
romanji: String,
_history: Array<Artist>,
_pixivHitNumber: Number,
_timestamp: Date,
_updater: User

History is merely stored as diff, and not as full state IIRC. Timestamp is the date of the last update and updater is the user who did that update.

What I consider adding:

Code: Select all

originalName: String or Array<String>
websites: Array<URL>,
eshuushuuTag: Number,
circles: String or Array<String>

What I lack for a first version:

* Full management web app, to manage users ( edit profile, increase power level, ban hammer ) and artist ( edit, browse, consult history and rollback ).
* Continue working on the Artist model data structure to totally replace the wiki. Adding an attribute with Mongoose isn't too hard
* Wiki parser so that the migration is painless ( but it's painful to create this..)
* Update Pixiv Fetcher to use API token for auth
* And while we are at it, update every library and servers

Oh and there is already a little system for create blog/news post, whatever already present.

I could also imagine publishing the source code, just need to make some adjustment to prevent passwords to get out...

Future possible problems:
First, I will certainly start to store images at some, but I need a server, and better say, where I could put R-18 loli as MoeDB is cross image board and should be extensive about its information.
Tags, I plan to translate Pixiv's tags, store E-shuushuu's tag, and other image boards as well.
Auto updating these, with robots. One robots for Pixiv.
Doujinshi, it's a pain for me to keep track of my own collection, so I'm planning to create some model for Works, in any form, doujinshi, artbook, cds, novels, whatever.
In order to maintain this, robots. I need to determine reference website. Toranoana could be one source for doujinshi for instance.
Perhaps refactor the REST API / Express server so that it automagically generates REST resources for a Mongoose schema ( but with user auth >.< )
Too many concurrent connections? Well not likely...

Re: Can't create new pages on the wiki

Posted: Thu May 22, 2014 3:08 am
by Evangeline Mcdowell
I guess I'll start with some designs for your web management site. Also you might want to update the artist/user db to include fields for file paths for image assets (artist/user avatars?)

Re: Can't create new pages on the wiki

Posted: Thu May 22, 2014 6:20 pm
by Merun
For design, I was planning to use good old Bootstrap for making it, quickly. Nothing fancy, really.

I could add these field for external files, but ideally I should try to store them somewhere, but I don't know where... As I'm planning to keep the DB and REST API in the Cloud, I have to be careful. Right now I'm using OpenShift's free plan, that is 3 gears, each having 1gb of storage.

Re: Can't create new pages on the wiki

Posted: Fri May 30, 2014 12:26 pm
by Merun
Slowly recovering my old work. For now, just trying to remember how my stuff work ( it's not very hard ). Dunno if I refactor now the server to make everything easier to evolve or not. Well, said like that, I should... But I could also try to push forward a first version and think later of these kind of optimisation.