Option to remove replies while searching

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Option to remove replies while searching

Post by bob-omb »

is there an option for this? if there is i cant seem to find it and if not i think it would be a nice feature to have. Usually when searching i come upon a lot of replies so maybe it would make it easier if you could have the option of removing them like the option to remove disabled images while searching.
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Post by anonymous_object »

I actually do have the code available to do this, however, it was discussed among the admins and mods and the consensus was that it would have adverse effects on the board overall and was not implemented.

If members feel this is something they would really like to have (and voice support for it), we will revisit the matter.
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Post by A.Dantes »

I can see why it would be harmful to be able completely disable viewing of replies, but there are some images where the length of the replies really get out of hand. A max-height ( 30em or so? ) and overflow: auto applied to the appropriate cell would greatly alleviate the problem.
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