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Searching for Code Geass images

Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:02 am
by whitekitten1997
I honestly don't know if decent versions exist of these images somewhere on the internet, but if they do I would like to find them. I've done my own searching of course and doubt any are on shuu.

I've found a scan of the cornelia version of this one but it just has a new watermark over a foot. There is a set of these though that I know exist, I'd just like to find this without the watermarks etc.


These two have the same logos in the bottom left so I assume they go together or there are more:

Each of these (especially Euphemia):
^Edit: sort of found Karen from the above but a cut out
Edit 2: Also found one of the C.C. ones:
Edit 3: Ah found Shirley:
Edit 4: Found Karen properly...

A proper scan of this would also be good to find:
I can only find the version that has Rolo rather than Nunnally.