What's too Ecchi and not too Ecchi?

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What's too Ecchi and not too Ecchi?

Post by demon_turtle1028 » Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:17 pm

Ok, I saw a small discussion on the boards and I want to get our opinions out there. Now, no getting mad at someone if there opinion is totally different from yours. Its just a discussion. Okay, so when do you think a picture is too ecchi for this board and crosses the line?
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Re: What's too Ecchi and not too Ecchi?

Post by Crimson_Camelia » Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:46 pm

Personally, I think it depends on picture. One artist can draw something to look overly sexual, while the other, drawing similar thing, would create SFW thing.
For example, some of the lingerie images look safer and less sexual than posted on site bikinis/mizugis. Or sometimes naked apron images. Sometimes even nude pictures seem to be less dirty as full-clothed ones.

But in general, I agree with our rules.

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Re: What's too Ecchi and not too Ecchi?

Post by Artifex » Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:17 pm

The first thing that should be asked is what would the site consider as "too ecchi" for the board. Basically, what is the site's purpose and goal? From what I've seen of the rules and background, as well as general talk on the site from the mods and anony, the goal of Shuushuu is to have images of anime girls while avoiding images with erotic content and innuendoes as their main theme and focus. "Ecchi" images, by definition, are images that have erotic content and innuendoes as their main theme and focus, although not explicitly. So really, from what I can tell, what should be allowed on the site is not so much a question of if an image is "too ecchi," but if it is considered ecchi at all. Anony himself has said that "ecchi images are still not allowed here," and reviewed images have stayed because "it doesn't have an ecchi feel."

So when do I think a picture is ecchi and crosses the line? I look at an image and say, "Is this image meant to be pretty, cute, beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing, or is this image meant to be erotically pleasing?" If it is the latter, it should not be on the site. I also have heard mods such as Angellily say multiple times that there are younger visitors to the site, some as young as 10 or 13. The site is meant to be work safe and safe for a younger audience. So, as a more down to earth question, being an older brother to five siblings I ask myself, "Would I want my 11 year old sister or 13 year old brother to see this image?" If not, it shouldn't be on the site.

But unfortunately, whether an image is meant to be erotic or is inappropriate for small children can, at least on the finer lines, be subject to debate and disagreement. And you cannot decide whether an image is appropriate or not just by a single thing, such as whether a girl's panties are showing, she's lying down on a bed, or is completely in the nude. These are good indications of an inappropriate image, and can be reasons to disable it. But sometimes these things are not there to be erotic, and in some cases are there to add a certain beauty or "aesthetic value" to the image. This is why images are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and why the "no panties" "no nudity" rules are more like guidelines than laws. Sometimes you just have to look at the image as a whole, and not just a single part of it.

I'm sorry for if I posted a tl;dr post, but it is something that's bothered me for a while now, and I just need to vent a little. At least for me, coming to Shuushuu was like finding a safe haven from the unspeakable and filthy anime images out there on the internet, and I thank God for it. So... I guess on a personal, and perhaps even selfish level, I just want Shuushuu to stay that way; that safe haven. But, while I may not like or agree with some of the calls the moderators have made on what should and should not stay on the site, it isn't my call to make for the site in the first place. All I, and we, can do is trust they'll make the right judgements.
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Re: What's too Ecchi and not too Ecchi?

Post by RockRabbit » Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:46 pm

:lol: oh god, when I hear ecchi, i always get reminded of Zerochan's ecchi rules and how stupid it works there... Someone is showing belly? ECCHI!

but anyways, I agree with Camelia-chan, it really depends on the art... same amount of pantsu can be NSFW if it looks very sexual and SFW if the main focus is not actually the pantsu and the image in general doesn't aim for being ecchi. Same goes for pretty much anything.
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Re: What's too Ecchi and not too Ecchi?

Post by whitekitten1997 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 2:57 am

When defining ecchi, I'd take wikipedia's description of 'playfully sexual'. It's when it's past cute and playful that I'd not consider uploading it. In honesty, I cringe at some of the images where there are nipple outlines through shirts, but that's just me, then I have (as many others probably have) had images deleted for pantsu (for example) where I disagree that that was the focus at all, but it depends on what each person looks at.

Obviously I also understand there needs to be some set rules to keep consistency so I understand why lingerie images aren't allowed, though sometimes it does make me sad since there are loads of pink ruffly things that are more cute that sexual. Though to be honest as a female I'd walk round in just a shirt and consider myself slobby rather than anything else x'D

In response to the above, they literally say in their ecchi rules that swimwear is ecchi......I'm not going swimming to be sexy, the two things aren't really related in my mind. Anything random users tag with 'cleavage' gets banned, so I guess women aren't allowed to have body parts either.

But I have been watching anime since I was...10-12...so have become a little desensitised at this point to things that may be considered NSFW in the West, but may be normal in Japan. I mean look at things like deleted episodes of Pokemon xD
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