I can't take it anymore

Important stuff goes here?
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lol @ everyone who fell for it. XD

And my, Lily, what a perfect idea~! ^___^
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Ok... and u say this just today... juuust on April 1st? alright... ^^
it's just a coincidence..huh? :roll:
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Ran wrote:
AngelLily wrote:I suggest all thumbnails to link to an image of Jun Watarase.
o_o Indeed. Why not just Rickroll the people like everyone else seemed to do today?
wikipedia wrote:On April 1, 2008 (April Fools' Day), all YouTube Featured Videos hyperlinked to the Rickroll. The prank began with international YouTube portals before affecting the main site.[9] In addition, LiveJournal announced on the same day that they would be adding a new member to their Advisory Board, linking members to the journal "rickastley", which contains a Rickroll.[10] Also, on the same day, Isohunt had the Rick Astley video instead of their normal frontpage, as did LyricWiki.org. Popular gaming website Kongregatealso claimed to have finally launched it's upcoming card game Kongai, only to leave its players not with the game, but being rickrolled. Also on the same day, the Mahalo Daily video podcast hosted by Veronica Belmont produced a Rickroll purporting to be an interview with Steve Jobs.
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great at least i wasnt here when this posted :p too me 5 mins to read all of it xD
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anonymous_object wrote:Ok... before more people get too upset and forget that today is April 1st...
April Fools' Day!

P.S. sorry for upsetting those who believed it! >_<
Thank God I come here later XD
Uh, well, don't play with that things Anonymous-san *calm sigh*
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Ah... Sleeping in has its advantages at last. xD
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Hehe... I went to the last page by accident and saw that it was an April Fools Day joke before I read the joke itself... All the fun, lost... Anyway, Happy April Fools Day Minna!!!
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XD That was a pretty funny joke. I feel bad for the people that took it seriously, though. Good thing I get on late at night. And that I only check the forums once in a while.
It might've been funny to do what deviantART did for April Fool's and replace all the user icons with mudkips. =D
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Ah ha...I missed the joke. XD

Good one though Anony :wink:
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Yeah, I was wondering what was with the mudkips, but it only lasted for a little while... It changed back when I went to another page... ^.^
~Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep~

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LadySakura wrote:Ah ha...I missed the joke. XD
I didn't get it. :P
The fun over, time to move on.
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@_@ April Fools' Day is over and i still got fooled. @_@

took me a minute to realize it.. the date and all.

*bangs head on keyboard*

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D: I cried. Like, littrally - tears and such. I went to school and told Kinna and she started to like. Yell. Dx Wah, that was horrible.
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