Reverse image search on pixiv not working?!

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Reverse image search on pixiv not working?!

Post by RockRabbit » Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:31 am

I'm sorry, didn't think this fits in the shuu-related forums, but I wanted to know if the issue I have is a general for the add-on, or is it an issue on my i made a thread here

For at least a few months now, the IQDB & saucenao extensions do not appear on pixiv, when I right-click an image. I used to reverse-search from the gallery thumbnails or the image page itself, but now, the only way is to open the entire image in full-view and right-click there, which isn't much of an issue if i do it for one image, but when i want to check 5 or more images, it slowly starts to eat out of my time...and the more images I want to check, the more time I lose in opening images >3<

so, general, I wanted to ask if it's a common thing or just a problem with my extensions D:
I tried looking up for info about this, but there is absolutely nothing... I thought maybe pixiv made a new blocking software thing, but it feels as if the devs of those extensions would've picked it up by now and would've done something about it u_u

edit: just tried right-clicking on artists' avatars and it seems to be ok maybe it really is pixiv doing something? D:
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Re: Reverse image search on pixiv not working?!

Post by Crimson_Camelia » Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:18 am

I think now you can only use IQDB and SauceNao extensions ONLY if you click on full-sized image, not just thumbnail - just as you said. Note that you can't safe middle or thumbnail version of images anymore as well.
So... I guess this had been made conciously by Pixiv staff.

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