Unofficial Discord Channel

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Unofficial Discord Channel

Post by Fhant »

Hey everyone!

I have just created a Discord for E-shuushuu people and if you want to join, all you need to have is an account on Discord.

Do drop me or Eva a line to set your permissions straight.

What is Discord?
Well it's like Skype but for a lot more people and you can even mute or silence the server if you don't want people talking to you.
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Re: Unofficial Discord Channel

Post by Aizawa »

I'm Aizawa/Blood-Animal or however it displays, haha. This is so cooool. The permissions work for me but yeah, this is a good way for all of us to chill and chat!

I'm tempted to turn on voice and read y'all some stories. XD
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Re: Unofficial Discord Channel

Post by demon_turtle1028 »

I'm just DemonTurtle
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Re: Unofficial Discord Channel

Post by Emii »

I joined as Emii.
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