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Pokemon, I Choose You movie

Post by Sinamuna »

I personally can't stand the movie, and I've only seen the trailer for it. I'm sorry, but as beautifully animated as it is, as much of a "reimagining" as it is of the first season, there's so many things wrong with it.

Here's the article that expresses just how I feel about the movie. In a less bitter way.

For starters, the nostalgia factor is taken away for me, and the greatest assets of the Kanto episodes (in my opinion) are replaced by two random/new characters. That's right, once again, Misty and Brock are cut out and their spots as Ash's "best friends" go to two other characters I just can't agree with. Not only that, one of them owns a Lucario (which is a fourth-generation Pokemon). It just doesn't make sense to me. They didn't even need to use Ash for the movie if they were just gonna trash Misty and Brock. Hell, they could've just made it about RED instead.

Retell or not, I'm extremely disappointed and will likely not give the movie a chance for some time- much like I did with the newest MLP movie that came out a while ago. But that's just me.

Your thoughts?
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Re: Pokemon, I Choose You movie

Post by Aizawa »

I haven't seen it yet, and tbh, even if it was the 'Ashnime' that got me into Pokémon in first place when I was maybe five most, I kinda don't really keep up with it and haven't since May was the female companion. I don't mind them shuffling the protags as travel companions but I do dislike the characterization of how the females are compared to their actual game counter parts. I mean, I get it. Two different canons and all. I do want to be honest and say I do want to see it though. I heard more good things than bad about it, and the 'muh nostalgia' does kinda fuel it. Haha.

Red actually has a series of his own though called Origins. It is pretty on point with the games minus some alterations. I highly recommend it to Pokémon fans who want to see animated adventures from the game.

There's also Generations. I loved Generations even if some things were a bit changed. One of my favorite characters got in it, after not being animated at all so I was pretty happy about that too, even if their episode left me a bit disappointed.


TLDR I don't watch the actual anime anymore but I'll be giving it a shot, YES to Origins And Generations.

Also could have sworn we had a 'what are you watching' thread but I can't find it even with my mod tools. Unless I overlooked it, one may not be a bad idea.
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Re: Pokemon, I Choose You movie

Post by RockRabbit »

The Lucario thing is really something to brush off tho..
iirc in the trailer there is plenty of other pokemon from later gens and you can even see Marshadow in the poster, which is an even older gen than Lucario. Why is one pokemon's gen of any importance if the whole movie is overflowing with pokemon from all sorts of generations is beyond me.
And yes. I do not plan to see it either. Gen 1 team was my favourite and many of the later companions felt very forced to me, so no point in bothering, I can spend my time catching up on better stuff than this :/
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