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unaru okami
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Post by unaru okami »

I'm a little late,but I'll tell you something about me anyway :3
I'm 16 years old,I love anime and manga and I live in Finland. My native language is Finnish,but I can speak quite good English,Swedish and Italy too.
Hobbies: Motocross and riding/training horses
If you want to know more,PM me or send an e-mail. I'm very friendly and social person ^__^
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Post by neko_riddles »

Names Riddles, neko riddles here! Glad to be here!!! Already had fun on the image boards, hope to have fun here to nyaa!

Laters! :lol:
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Post by Sekai »

*bows* Welcome Unaru-taichou~chan! :3
I didn't know you speak Italian [me too ^^].

And Welcome to you, neko_riddles, too! ^^
Have fun here as on the image board too~ ^^
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Post by Fhant »

Ahhh... Finland... home of Sonata Artica, Finntroll and Nightwish... Great country... *nods*

Oh... pardon me... Welcome Unaru and Riddles! *bows* Allow me to introduce myself. Fhant, something undefined by Shuu members, self proclaimed worshipper of Sakaki, Yuna and Seong Mi-na and sla...erhm... servant of Lily...

Have fun here!!
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Post by Eclipse-chan »

Hello, I'm Eclipse-chan. I've already contributed some images here on e-shuushuu, so I decided to join the forums and attempt to become a little more social. ^_^; I like to draw and roleplay and I'm in my 2nd year at college. I want to major in graphic arts and become a video game designer, hopefully.
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Post by Reon »

Welcome Eclipse-chan. looks like we kinda have the same goal in life.

enjoy your stay
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Post by poseidon21 »

welcome to every new member that i miss


sorry for the late welcome
unnyyyuuuuu~~~~...........wakaranai ne.........
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Post by Tina18 »

I'm new and all, Hi to everyone.
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Post by canis »

Welcome to e-shuushuu Tina-san. ^^
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Post by anonymous_object »

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*Dunga Mov*
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Post by *Dunga Mov* »

Waifu Image
Welcome on e-shuushuu ^_^
Enjoy...or much better let us*me :-" * enjoy a piece of you :shock:
Welcome Eclipse!Unaru Okami*swedish iii I know too lil*!Aliot! ^^ Have fun all ^_^
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Post by Amaloli »

Ok so it's about time to introduce myself:
My name is Helga and I'am 17 years old... I'm an anime and manga addict but I also like very much h games tooX3 My favorite anime is Rozen Maiden*drools*

p.s. I'm also a lolita addict^___^

Edit no.1: Thanks for the welcome Myu-chan!^^

Edit no.2: Tinaaah*hugu~hug*

Edit no.3: Thanks Sekai-chan!^^
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Post by Myu-chan »

Welcome to E-shuushuu Forum Amaloli-san ^^
I hope you enjoy here =3
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Post by Tina18 »

canis wrote:Welcome to e-shuushuu Tina-san. ^^
anonymous_object wrote:Welcome!
Thank you :]

Waifuu<3 sankiu, now, now don't do that in public meet me in the back room xD.
Waaiii!! Helga-chin*hug*
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Post by Sekai »

zOMG~! Who do I get to see here? Bwahahaha >:3
Dunga mia Mov, welcome! <3 Hope you'll enjoy your stay here ^^ [I'm sure you will :3]
Also, welcome Helga! ^^
Glad to see ya here too~ Enjoy your stay :3

I'm so happy there are more Romanian users here~ *joy*
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