Ha-pi Ba-sude Desu~! (Official Birthday Thread)

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Post by neo_ranga »

Birthday is March 11
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Post by yuki-hoshime »

wow! i haven't been here in forever! i typed my name into google and stumbled upon the page where everyone wished me a hapy basude! sankyuu everyone! (sorry about the really late reply ^^; )
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Post by Reverie »

Happy Birthday Juli-san! ^____^
May you get a lot of presents! Have a nice day ^-^
*gives some of her cookies to Juli*
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Post by Myu-chan »

Happy birthday-nano Juli-san!!! =3
Have a good day!! ^^
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Post by AngelLily »

Happy birthday, Juli-chan! May you have a wonderful day, and a lot of presents! ^^
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Post by canis »

Happy Birthday Juli! ^^
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Post by Zachris »

Happy birthday to you~~
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Post by Fhant »

Grats Juli!!! :D
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Post by LadySakura »

Happy Birthday Juli! ^_^
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Post by sakurachi2004 »

happy birthday Juli so what one is it Let me guess under 20. anyway how ever old you are. Have a good :D
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Post by ★Juli »

Thank you guys!! i love you all so much! ^^ ♥♥ !!
i have a new Cd *w* a New Teddy >w< !! kawaii *w* !
new clothes… and a full candy stock market! n-n !!

I amused myself very many in my birthday! thanks for the greetings !

Sorry for my bad english x3 !!
See my b-day kipi cosplay pic x3 ! >> http://e-shuushuu.net/image.php?mode=vi ... e_id=70462

And... if u want to know... is my birthday number 14 ^^ ! I turn only 14 years n-nU im soo young o.o !

JuLi *w* !
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Post by Yukino_Asakura »

Happy birth day my dear Juli-chan!!! =D
Api verde tu you!!! XD
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Post by amf »

am i too late to greet you a happy birthday?
happy birthday then! :3

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Post by Biba »

Happy belated birthday Juli ^_^ sorry for being late, but I couldn't come online yesterday
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Post by boele »

happy birthday juli i am also late becuase well.. i was..
hope you had a nice day..
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