Convert plaintext URL to clickable-link, on Artist Tag

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Convert plaintext URL to clickable-link, on Artist Tag

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Okay, this isn't my proudest work, I basically extracted the JavaScripts from chrome extentions : :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ... iningckjia

Installation is easy, if you have greasmonkey, or violentmonkey that you used for Merunrun Pixiv/Reverse Pixiv scripts, the click the link below > download > click OK when prompted to install. ... nk.user.js

Then the plaintext link on Artist tag should works.

The main difference between my haxed Javascript and chrome extension are,
1.the IP address and random link wont be clickable, it only restricted to Pixiv website.
2. works with browser that support GreaseMonkey/ViolentMoneky, unlike the chrome extension that only available on chrome.
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