Shuushuu Points! (April Fool's 2009!)

Important stuff goes here?
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by AngelLily »

Come on anony, just tell them the site is close to being shut down from lack of donations :( It's either you help or say goodbye to the site, it's not like it's ever been free.

yay time zones!
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by BoomBoomCha »

In my personal opinion, and really this is just what I think; I think users Like myself would donate just to not have this change. I would happily give part of my paycheck from my after-school job to ShuuShuu so we don't have these changes. I love this site completely. I view alot of images and I try to post the best images I can find(which isn't to many due to them getting posted when im at school or work) But I think doing this would hurt Shuu more then help.
Again, this is just my thoughts on this matter.
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by Terra_Valentine »

Ok, wow guys, this is obviously an April Fools thing. XD

It's ok Kage, Wrex, I'm sure this'll all blow over in a bit.
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by Hiko »

Yep, I call April fool's joke. :wink:
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by Fhant »

Well, I've downloaded and saved my favourite images of the past few weeks last night (March 31) And I did not recvied an error stating that I cannot download the image or view the image because of insuffcient points.

Also, urging people to donate money is an idea. I for one am planning to donate a small amopunt of what I earn at the moment, but I'm still jumping over form job to job and cannot yet stay at the places I'm provided with.

But if this was an April fools joke, it would have been funnier if Shuushuu suddenly went for the male images...

Though that would mean that Lily and Kage instantly level their image post count to "Too freaking much"

Edit: After a test with the largest image on shuu, it will be disabled when I try to watch it in full view. But still the counder counts it as 1 image watch, what is very profitable..Just clicking on the same image for 100 times (or just repeatedly pressing F5) will render you open for views.
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by canis »

I don't use Animepaper for that very reason! The ratio of uploads and downloads is also poorly balanced... I think I will leave here for good this time!! >:(

You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily, did you? ;P

anonymous_object wrote:
Kagemaru wrote:I must say that I thought that this was a day early april fools joke.
Hmmm, it is already April 1st in some places... Time zones are fun.
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by kawaii-star »

This is why I dread April 1st, things that can possibly go bad are announced at my favorite sites. I'm not much of an uploader since I hardly find or know where to get some good images. I just can't take anything near April 1st seriously. If this does indeed turn out real, I'll be viewing thumbnails for the rest of my life... :(
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by Quenlin »

I think you should revise the spending points a tad, even though it will encourage posting more images, it's simply too high.

Maybe you should also get points when the image is commented on, faved, or rated. I mean, I only fave something if it's a good image, and this would give a good etiquette effect to rating things. Still, it's a good idea, but it will need a good bit of refining. That will encourage some high-quality postings quite easily, as a picture that the entire imageboard loves will net you a lot more points than something I drew. (I make Rukia look like Chikkuru)

Maybe the current users should be given points based on their current contributions, I mean, Amlerisa has posted well over 1000 images, and I've only posted 160, it's not exactly fair to the major contributors if we all start off on the same foot.
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by 7tails »

wow... i had been a viewer of shuushuu since early last year and i finally decided to join today (this ain't an april fools joke) and a few minutes later i noticed the pics viewed/points (yes, i'm that dense)...

So does this mean i cant enlarge the pictures just to admire the art for fear of point deduction.. the reason i avoid animepaper is because of their point system.

i really enjoy shuushuu's quality pics and i would even donate (if i had a card)

in my view, i dont mind a point system in shuushuu but please make it a bit more lenient.
maybe a reduction in viewing costs, faved images get extra points, a small 'proper' tag bonus but small amount of points on comments (every one loves commenting multiple times)

p.s, i'm a fan of spa- *coughs* i mean constructive comments of V_Phantom, Ran and Fhant. gotta love em' made viewing more enjoyable (or impossible due to LoL'ing too hard, and i know im spamming a bit here too.)
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by Smithy »

April fool's no doubt?
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by TenshiTsuki »

This new system might be good for User who want to support this Board in all kind of ways, so their "reward" are Points to download fullsized images.
Anyway I'm not very pleased, because the "special touch" what ShuuShuu had is kind of gone with such a new system...I joined this board, because I wanted to share my Images with other Users free. Not to be "forced" (maybe forced sounds a bit hard) to upload or post or donate just to get a full sized picture I maybe favour...
A lot of people like Free Services, but this system is not "free" at all. Its like Burger King: "you want ketchup on your Hamburger? Pay 1,10$" -> Mc Donalds "hamburger with ketchup included 1,00$" (annoying example I know but I'm hungry at the moment and i cant think of other xDD) <- does not refer the donation, only the idea of the system
And now ShuuShuu looks like any other annoying Imageboard :/ Its not intresting anymore *sigh*
...I'm sorry for that (maybe) hard criticism but thats my opinion now...Also sorry for that shitty english ;_;
canis wrote:I don't use Animepaper for that very reason! The ratio of uploads and downloads is also poorly balanced
same here. Just visited once, saw the system and never visited again.

Edit: I just noticed a very important sentence: wrote:"I am fan of moeboard but that board is designed for Korean speakers and I wanted a nice English alternative. I created this board as a combination of the features I like from both 4chan and moeboard."
I thought both Boards are "free" :/ Just think about...
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by Tavernknight »

*still peering intently at annoy*
This is just WAY too fishy. Its gotta be an April fools prank.
If not then what about anonymous users? Will they only be able to look at thumbnails?
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by wrexness »

Tavernknight wrote:*still peering intently at annoy*
This is just WAY too fishy. Its gotta be an April fools prank.
If not then what about anonymous users? Will they only be able to look at thumbnails?
That certainly appears to be the case. You can't track anonymous usage accurately. All those lurkers will have to become members apparently.
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by anonymous_object »

This idea is turning out to be Cake...

mmmm, cake ^^.
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Re: Shuushuu Points!

Post by Kagemaru »

Everybody loves cake. <3

Too bad it's a LIE! *computerized maniacal laughter*
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