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JP/KR/ZH Name:


Alt Name(s):












The above template is to be used with each artist article. The name of the article must exactly match the artist tag name on E-Shuushuu, so they links from Shuu will go to the right place.


{{Artist Info |

| image = * Banner of the artist website. Upload it on the wiki then add it with [[image:filename]] . If there is no banner, leave it blank or use their representative image (of characters do not count) *

| name = * Name as is used for the E-Shuushuu tag. Brackets may be excluded *

| jpname = * Name in Japanese, Korean or Chinese: Katakana/Hiragana/Kanji, or other non-Latin characters. Leave it blank if the name is already in Latin character *

| altname = * Aliases on shuu, not including Pixiv IDs. Use a bullet point (*) for each. If you have both Romanji and Japanese, keep this form: Romanji (Japanese) *

| circle = * The circle in which the artist is a member. Guest art doesn't count as being part of the circle. Use a bullet point for each of them; create the circle page at the same time or DO NOT INTERNALLY LINK IT. Circles that have the same name as the artist page on shuu need to be created as 'Name (Circle)', so the artist on Shuu doesn't link to the circle of the same name *

| misc = * Link to the E-Shuushuu tag, and other miscellaneous information (The link is important, as artists name on E-Shuushuu change. As I write, there are thousands of artists on the wiki so adding a section to the template is no longer viable) *

| site = * URL to artist's personal websites/social media. Add a bullet point for each. If the site contains explicit content, add (NSFW) at the end of the link, not at the beginning as it looks messy, and not in square brackets as they're used for coding *

| studio = * The studio(s) for which the artist is known to work for, with a bullet point for each. ONLY link to the sub-category pages, not directly to the studio name, or DO NOT LINK IT *

| works = * List the work of the artist using bullet points (*). Categorise by: Anime; Manga; Games; Artbooks; Doujins; Magazines; Other (or else no one will know what these sources are later). Keep it in alphabetical order, ONLY adding internal links to sources that we have on E-Shuushuu. For guest artists of Doujinshi, you may link to the lead artist's page instead, but it is optional *


Below is a blank template. Just copy and paste it into the new article.

Further information can be added after 'Basic Information', including 'Additional Information', 'Doujin Covers', 'Artbook Covers' and 'References'. Please remember to add the correct sub-category coding after the artist category; the current options are listed here. Copy and paste the names to avoid spelling errors that build up on the list of Categories.

Blank Template (C+P)

{{Artist Info |
| image =
| name =
| jpname =
| altname =
| circle =
| misc =
| site =
| studio =
| works =


==Basic Information==