Bloomers (gym shorts)

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bloomers (gym shorts)

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August 22nd, 2006 by anonymous_object


small female gym shorts, kyaaaa! (not large, puffy underwear)

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Basic Information

The modern Japanese version of bloomers consist of the entire legs exposed. Many Westerners confuse Japanese bloomers with underwear since their designs are almost the same in Japan, but bloomers are worn over underpants, are a bit thicker, and come in bold colors. Also, the hem of the shirt is often tucked into the bloomers, mainly for the sake of uniformity. Use on girls wearing small gym shorts. They are generally the basic shape of a bikini bottom and hug the lower body, though some are shaped more like bike shorts.


  • Not to be used for bloomers, the old fashioned, poofy underwear
  • Generally come paired with a gym uniform shirt


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