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Comiket (コミケット, Komiketto), otherwise known as the Comic Market is the world's largest handmade comic book fair. Many artists sell their doujinshi there. Doujinshi are seldom reprinted, so items garnered at Comiket are very rare.

Comic Market is held twice a year: once in August, and once in December. Summer Comike is three days long, and usually is held during the weekend around August 15. Winter Comike is two to three days long, and usually is held between December 28 and 31.


There is a catalogue for Comiket that is impossible to navigate the event without. The print version is roughly the size of a small phone book and contains lists of all the participating circles, maps of the convention layout, maps and directions to get to and from the convention, rules for the convention, and a picture or two for every participating circle. The CD-ROM edition of the catalogue includes search functions by day, location, circle, title, genre, etc., custom color coded checklist creation, map and list printing with customisable lists and fields, layout map for navigation.

To date, there is no English edition of the catalogue available.