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August 24th, 2006 by anonymous_object


Character dressed as another character, characters from different series together, a character portraying another characters, elements of one series in an image of another

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Basic Information

A theme tag that is used when two sources cross-over, for example one character is dressed as a character from another source, is portrayed with/as a character from another source, or the image directly references a second source in some way.


  • When dressing as another character, the latter character's clothing does not require their character tag, only the source tag. Therefore, only the character that is dressing up needs to be tagged.
  • Does not apply to series or characters that were created based on other sources/characters (such as fairy tales or fairy tale characters), only actual crossovers.
  • Does not apply when a character originates from multiple sources and must be tagged with both (e.g. Vocaloid characters who have voices for other voicebanks).