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* [https://e-shuushuu.net/about/rules/ E-Shuushuu Background]
* [https://e-shuushuu.net/about/rules/ E-Shuushuu Background]
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What is E-Shuushuu?

E-Shuushuu, informally referred to as Shuu, is an image board designed for fans of cute anime girl images. 'E' means picture (絵) while 'shuushuu' means collection (収集), hence, E-Shuushuu is a collection of pictures.

You can join us here!

E-Shuushuu Wiki

This is E-Shuushuu's wiki, dedicated to information on artists, their circles, and sources that feature on E-Shuushuu.

Before contributing to the wiki, contributors should read the details provided with the templates. If it's your first time editing the wiki, please refer to this User Guide or the Help page.


Anonymous Object is the original creator of the image board E-Shuushuu, inspired by moeboard.

Originally, images did not have theme tags, only source, character and artist fields. The tag system was later introduced to allow users to assign any number of predefined theme tags to images, as a more user-friendly was of searching for images.

Source tags were later introduced to the tag system to replace the original source field, before artists also joined the tag system.

E-Shuushuu's rules have also changed over the years, for example concerning minimum size and image safety. New rules, therefore, do not necessarily apply to older images (which is entirely up to the mod's discretion).

The E-Shuushuu Team

Shuushuu is run by volunteers, so be nice to them!

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