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E-shuushuu has a definite set of Rules. However, there are some traditions which are not written and are mostly passed down by the community. This page will try to provide the most accurate and complete list of these traditions, but it will always be a work in progress. While some of them are not strict, breaking them can bring forth a sanction. Other points might also clear any misunderstanding possible with the rules.


  • Common sense and etiquette are expected. If you show yourself as incapable of acting in a civilised manner toward other members, you may find yourself (temporarily/permanently) banned.
    • Avoid political or otherwise controversial topics.
    • Avoid overly harsh words about characters, series, or pairings you dislike.
  • Speak in English. If you post in another language, it is expected that you provide an English translation with it.
  • Make a point. Pointless comments will be considered as spam.
  • Commenting on old pictures isn't very well regarded by the Moderators for two reasons:
    • No one will see your comment
    • It makes it harder to moderate comments
  • Discussions should focus on the image. Long discussions about the source or artist should move to the forum.
  • Double posting is possible, but it's bad etiquette. Users should edit their last post.
  • Users shouldn't edit their post if someone replied after. This breaks the chronological order, thus makes it harder to follow the conversation.
  • Users help each other by pointing out missing tags; they are not showing off their knowledge. Unless they are obviously bragging, for which they will be sanctioned.
  • Issues should be brought up on the forum, IRC, or by PM to a Moderator.
  • The stealing character meme ("steal X and run away*) is not tolerated.
  • Users can comment or use the Report Function if the image is recent. For old pictures, use the Report Function since comments lack visibility.
  • When reporting Reposts, add the link to the image information. Don't use the link to the image in full size (example: Use http://e-shuushuu.net/image/531153/, not http://e-shuushuu.net/images/2012-09-25-531153.jpeg ).
  • Use [spoiler][/spoiler] tags to hide comments that reveal plot details that may spoil the story for others. It is polite to also specify what part it is spoiling, for example "Spoilers for Episode 15".


  • Images should be of good quality, both in the way they are drawn and the image compression. Poorly drawn or highly artifacted images are subject to review or disablement. For more information about compression artifacts read Wikipedia
  • Visible panties are tolerated as long as they are not the main focus and are not drawn in a erotic manner.
  • Panties and swimsuits shouldn't show cameltoe. It is acceptable to edit cameltoe out of an image before posting it.
  • Breaking the rules once doesn't mean the disablement of the picture since the user would have to re-upload it later. However, breaking them twice is punishable.
  • Watermarks that obstruct the main part of the image are subject to disablement.
  • Watermarks not placed by the artist are frowned upon.
  • Funny edits should be posted in the forums.
  • The only edits allowed are those which aim at increasing the quality of the image. This include text removal, crease removal, etc.
  • Animated GIFs are not subject to the minimum size rule, but they should be at least be above avatar size.
  • Girls should be the focus. Even if there is one but the focus is on a male character, the image may be disabled.
  • All cosplay photos require a Japanese source. Original character cosplay from Western sources, such as Warcraft, are not allowed.
  • Tako Luka and Yukkuri heads belong in the LOL thread and are subject to disablement without a human female in the image. Similar character will get the same treatment.
  • Furries are not allowed, or must be accompanied by human female. Animal ears and tail is fine, but characters fully covered in fur count as furry.
  • Violence, illegal drugs and suicide/self-harm images are not tolerated.
  • Blood is tolerated as long it doesn't fall into guro. Nosebleed, little finger cut, small scratches should be fine.
  • Sexual innuendo and profanity are subject to review or disablement depending on the severity.
  • Images containing symbols of totalitarian regimes and/or other symbols that may be offensive (swastika, hammer and sickle) are subject to review and are not allowed when they glorify the regime they symbolise.

Reporting and Reviewing

Read more about the Report Function

  • Images are judged on a case by case basis. It's useless to link to an older picture as an argument for keeping a current picture. The only possible outcome would be to call into question the older image.
  • Older images were not necessarily posted under the current rules. As such, new rules don't apply to old images, but it's left at the moderators' discretion.
  • If you are not sure that an image is appropriate, put it under review after uploading. It's much better than letting a moderator do it, unless you like being scolded.


Here is a list of the criteria considered when there is a repost. There is no absolute order for preference, except the first one.

  • Original digital version, as a high resolution PSD or BMP (enough for a 300 dpi printing on A5 paper ) provided by the artist, will always stay.
  • Edits to remove a crease, gap or texts should be the less visible.
  • Higher resolution results in higher amounts of detail. However, if there isn't much of a difference in resolution, we will consider other criteria if they are existant. There might be cases when lower resolution are preferred. Here is a non-exhaustive list:
    • Raw scan, with high amount of screening noise need to be processed, which result in resolution loss in most case.
    • Upscales are always disabled.
    • Bad quality remains bad quality and would be disabled.
  • Color is not an important criteria because they can be easily edited. Moreover, brighter color might be eye candy. We aim at color accuracy with the original art when it's a scan.
  • Wallpapers are not repost as long as there is enough difference between the two images. They might be also kept over a scan since they are digital.
  • Small differences in images, for instance, game's CG, are subject to be marked as reposts.


  • Tag what you see, not what you know about the character.
    • For example, don't tag ninja on Naruto images unless they are in ninja outfit, don't tag mahou shoujo unless they are wearing a magical girl costume, don't tag couple unless the image shows romance.
    • Exception is made for the trap tag. Traps always receive the trap tag when they are crossdressed in the image, whether you can tell their true gender or not.
  • Source and artist tags should be put in the "Misc. Metadata" field when uploading if they are not available.
  • Name order: 'Family Name | Given Name' when Japanese, 'Given Name | Family Name' when Western.
  • Moderators and Tagging Team are not here to tag your images for you.
  • Users are expected to tag their images when uploading or within a couple minutes.
  • Users are not expected to perfectly tag their images, but they shouldn't slack off.
  • When a Moderator or a Tagging Team member suggest tags, you are expected to edit your image, as part of your learning of the tag system.
  • E-Chuuchuu images only require the E-Chuuchuu tag.
  • When a consensus cannot be reached on what color a character's eyes or hair are in an image, it is acceptable to use multiple color tags.