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Pixiv's memes spring from the many events located on the site. If you want to peruse the events, you should simply click the Flag.png on the main page and you'll be transported to this page.


The page continues, but there's nothing more on it but a link to the top. The イベント管理 (your events) link will take you to a page with a section for events your circle has participated in (サークル参加するイベント) and one that you have participated in (一般参加するイベント).

Reoccurring Events and their tags

  • Pixiv Fantasia

Pixiv Fantasia is one of Pixiv's largest events. It is held each year with the goal to bring attention to the fantasy art genre. To participate, a user must choose a country and side their character will be on and create a concept piece with the side they are representing mentioned in the tags. The more views the art work gets, the more points the side gets. The winning side is determined by who gets the most points.

Since Pixiv Fantasia runs on tags and concept work, tagging can be a little tricky at times. This can be avoided however when you understand the tag system. Sometimes an art piece may have the character's name in English or Romaji directly on the image or in the title. [The latter is pretty common but should not be assumed]. Other times, the character information is in the image information field [Above the image on Pixiv for desktop and below for Pixiv mobile]. If you can't find a name, that's okay, some artists don't name their character although this is very uncommon and pushes the rules. If you are still unsure or you might be getting overwhelmed, you can always message the artist. Pixiv Fantasia players are very kind and love discussing their characters.

Just a tip, most images that include heights and ranks in the image data have their names as well.

So now you have the character name, but what arc in Pixiv Fantasia does this character belong to? Finding this is usually extremely easy and only takes a second to do. Just look in the tags and it'll be there. Just to add, sometimes the arc is in initials [Such as Pixiv Fantasia: Fallen Kings can also be tagged as PFFK, Wizard and Knight as W&K, and so forth].