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The shuu wiki, while seemingly a scary place, is actually one of the friendlier places to visit. Editing is not as difficult as some may think, though it often does take time to get used to the methods.  This guide is here to shorten that time for the new user, and is designed for ease of use and for the new editor instead of those experienced to need the big sections.
This needs editing really, before it was a duplicate of the [[:Help:Editing]] page. I'm not sure what needs to be added for now, but it should be a list of all help.
=Making an Entry=
'''E-Shuushuu Tutorials'''
The basis of the wiki is the entries it contains.  The process of creating an entry is very simple.
[[How to Use E-Shuushuu|Using E-Shuushuu]] | [[Report Function]] | [[Locating an Artist]] | [[Quick_Tag_Reference|Theme Tag Reference]]
[[Creating Artist Tags|Artist Creation]] | [[Creating Source Tags|Source Creation]] | [[Staff Tasks]]</center>
==Initial Setup==
'''Wiki Tutorials'''
[[Help:Editing|Wiki Editing]]</center>
The fastest way to add a new page is to type the title you want into the search bar.  You can type in "Artist Name" and your search will turn out some similar results but nothing that matches your specific wording.  At that point you may click the red link that says, "create this page" and start editing "Artist Name".
'''Image Tutorials'''
[[Cleaning Raw Scans|Cleaning Scans]]</center>
But before you do that there is something vital you must do.  Take the Japanese version of the name (if there is one) and send it through the search bar.  This will be a more accurate search of the artist's name and will cut down on duplicate artists.  Searching simply the English name doesn't always get the correct result because the reading might be incorrect.
'''External Tutorials'''
Note that the Japanese names of the artists in the title should be the kanji (if given) instead of the hiragana or katakana.  The additional kana can be added to the alt. names section.  Also, if the Japanese has a space in it, the space should be removed when it is put into the title (ex. 稚野 まちこ --> 稚野まちこ).
[[Piapro]] | [[Pixiv]]
[[Colloquy]] | [[Mirc]]</center>
==Changes to the Page Title==
==I Still Need Help!==
If you are still unsure, you can ask the [[Moderators]] (red titles) or a member of the [[tagging team|Tagging Team]] (orange titles). You can also contact us using our Discord support channel, [https://discordapp.com/invite/6ZvShRW here].
If you want to change your page title there are two ways to do so.  The first is by changing it in the search bar before you even begin.  If you input "Artist Name" into your initial search and come to that end page, you can change the name in the big search bar in the middle (you may want to try this so you can see what I mean), but it will no longer say "create page".  You'll need to go to the search bar in the top right corner and hit enter for it to display that message again.
The second method is to wait until your entry has been made, then click the "Move" tab at the top and type in your new entry title.  Note that Categories cannot be moved.  If you want to rename a Category, you have to create the new one, transfer the entries, then delete the old one.  Please be careful when creating new categories.
Because the artist tags on shuu are set up in the format of "English Name" but the wiki pages go "English Name / JP Name", sometimes you will not always be sent right to the page if you type in the name of the artist without the Japanese (or click on the wiki link from the tag page).  Redirect pages will make it so that you can actually go to the page you want without having to type both the English and Japanese.
You create a page titled "English Name".  Within that page you type <nowiki> #redirect [[English Name / JP Name]] </nowiki>
It should then create a page with an arrow pointing to the page you wish to go to, and you know you're done.
To be convenient for those who use the wiki, it's also possible to make "linkbacks" on an artist page.  They're meant to link back to the artist tag on shuu.  For example, you could do a linkback to [[CH@R]] by linking to [http://e-shuushuu.net/tags/4220 this] or simply to an image by that artist.
Linkbacks are written like this: <nowiki>[http://e-shuushuu.net/tags/1234 Tag]</nowiki>
==Pixiv Artists==
Artists that have only a pixiv account go in their own section: [[Pixiv Artist|Pixiv Artists]].  Entries in this section are made differently than entries to sections that require their own new pages.  First, press "edit".  This can either be done at the top to edit the entire page or in a sub-section (accessible through the table of contents) to edit a smaller field.  There is no difference between the two except visibility.  Your entry should look like this: <nowiki>[http://exampleurl.net Artist Name / JP Name] </nowiki> 
Next you move to the bottom of your edit page, press save page, do the math (no bots allowed!), and the changes will be saved.
==Regular Entries==
For artists that are not pixiv only, edits to the Manga section, Users, Works, Doujinshi, etc. you use a somewhat different method.  First of all, this introduces the use of templates.  These sections all have templates to follow so that the edits are uniform and editing is as easy as possible for the worker.  Templates are found at the bottom of the main page under the Category labeled "Templates".  Or, [[:Category:Templates |here]].
Copy/paste the template you desire into your edit page and fill it out.  It's a very simple, very basic process, and it shouldn't be long before you're able to make your own entries without having to fret.
==A Little Extra==
Links to places within the wiki are done as such: <nowiki>[[Page]]</nowiki>
To do this sort of link, you need the exact title of the page to which you are linking, including capitalization and spaces.  The easiest way to ensure that you don't make an error is to copy/paste the title of that page instead of typing it manually.
If you don't want your link to say the exact page title (ex. Category:Tutorial), you can type it like this instead: <nowiki>[[Category:Tutorial|Tutorial]]</nowiki>
Anything to the right of the | is displayed, and anything to the left is hidden.
A link to somewhere outside of the wiki is done as such: <nowiki>[http://url.com name]</nowiki>
Images are uploaded with an internal wiki link: <nowiki>[[File:image.jpg]]</nowiki>
The NSFW mention on a website should go like this:<nowiki> * [NSFW] http://badsite.net </nowiki>

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This needs editing really, before it was a duplicate of the Help:Editing page. I'm not sure what needs to be added for now, but it should be a list of all help.


E-Shuushuu Tutorials

Using E-Shuushuu | Report Function | Locating an Artist | Theme Tag Reference

Artist Creation | Source Creation | Staff Tasks

Wiki Tutorials

Wiki Editing

Image Tutorials

Cleaning Scans

External Tutorials

Piapro | Pixiv

Colloquy | Mirc

I Still Need Help!

If you are still unsure, you can ask the Moderators (red titles) or a member of the Tagging Team (orange titles). You can also contact us using our Discord support channel, here.