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Editing is not as difficult as some may think; it's mostly a case of copying a template and remembering the style. This guide is here to shorten that time for the new user, and is designed for ease of use and for the new editor instead of those experienced to need the big sections.

Creating a New Page

If the page does not already exist

There are a few ways of creating a page here.

  • 1) Enter the title into the search bar and search. If the page does not already exist, a red link will appear at the top that will link to page creation.
  • 2) For Artist pages, follow the link on the E-Shuushuu Artist, next to 'Shuu Wiki:'. If the page does not already exist, this will link to page creation.

If the page title is in use for something else

Artists take priority for page titles, so if a Source or Theme tag has the same name as an Artist tag on Shuu, the title needs to be followed by (Source) or (Tag). This is to stop the Shuu artist linking to pages of the same name.

If the tag is already in use by another artist, simply move this page to the correct artist title page (match the Wiki Artist name to the Shuu Artist name). This automatically creates a redirect page, from which you need to check 'What Links Here' to make sure that pages that link to this title now link to the new page name. Once they do, you can reuse the redirect page. If you cannot move the page immediately, try adding a minor edit to the page, which should allow you to move it.


We have a list of templates to apply to the page, depending on the page type. These should be filled in as each Template page instructs.

Categorising Pages

Almost all pages and images require Category coding at the bottom, such as [[Category:Name]] , to sort them into the right place. Check that the page links correctly to the category, or else you've made a spelling mistake and risk a new category being created.

There are different kinds of categories, but the key ones include Source Types (Anime, Manga, Video Game, etc.), Artist Types (Pixiv, DeviantART, Piapro, etc), Video Game Companies (subcategories of Video Games), Banner Images (Artist, Company, Source), Cover Images (Novel, Manga, Artbook, Doujinshi, etc.) and Magazine Cover Images (needs a specific magazine subcategory instead).

Some are written singularly, some use the plural word, but this cannot be changed because you cannot move category pages, so just check that you have the right category name.


  • Tag pages (Theme, Source, Artist) should ALWAYS link back to the relevant page on E-Shuushuu. External links are created with a single set of square brackets, with the link inside the left side, followed by a space, the text you are linking and the closing bracket, for example [LinkHere Text Here]. Artist links to Shuu should be written as [Link E-Shuushuu Tag].
  • DO NOT leave red links to pages that are not exact names of tags on E-Shuushuu, including circle names. Create the pages there and then, or DO NOT LINK THEM. It is hell to clean up after.
  • DO NOT put Japanese characters in titles. Certain characters break the page. Names should be romanized.

Changing Page Titles

  • Under 'More' (Next to the Search Bar) is the 'Move' option.
  • Click it to enter the new title.
  • If you receive an error message, try making a minor edit to the page, which should allow you to move it.
  • Once a page is moved, a redirect page will automatically be created from the old title. Consider carefully if this needs to be deleted; if the old artist name is an alias to the new one on E-Shuushuu, it does not. If the redirect page is going to be reused for something else, check 'What Links Here' and make sure all of these pages link to the new page title instead before remaking it.

Categories cannot be moved; the name must be individually changed on every page under the category, and the category has to be deleted and remade. Please BE CAREFUL when creating categories and adding category coding.


Redirect pages automatically send you to the correct page title, from alternate titles. Often the Japanese names or E-Shuushuu aliases will need to be created as redirect pages.

Begin creating a page as usual, but in the box paste the Redirect template, adding the title of the page that you want to redirect to into the link brackets and create it.

Formatting Guidelines

Source Pages

  • Images should be either be portrait, roughly set to 220px width (landscape images look fine on desktops but not on mobile), OR an official banner of roughly 200x40px.
  • Page sections can include: Basic Information, Additional Information, Tagging Information, Official Artists, Promotional Video, Covers (Manga/Artbooks/etc.), Notes, External Links, References.
  • Official videos keep pages interactive and fun, but when possible, embed videos from official accounts and avoid using too many; one is preferred unless there are adaptations of the original source.
  • If there are too many artists to credit in a list in the main text, add it to the Notes using footnotes coding.
  • Certain Video Games can also be sub-categorised by important studios/developers/companies, such as Nintendo.
  • Certain Virtual YouTubers can be sub-categorised by groups that they are better known as being apart of, such as Nijisanji.

Artist Pages

  • Images should be an official site banner of roughly 200x40px, or an icon-sized image of the artist (illustrated by themselves or rarely a photograph).
  • Page sections can include: Basic Information, Additional Information, Covers (Artbooks/Doujins/etc.), Notes, External Links, References.

Concerning Artbooks

  • Artbooks should not be created as pages unless for some reason that artbook is a source on E-Shuushuu. But even these should be checked to see if the source needs deleting.
  • Artbooks should be added to the relevant pages:
    • Artbooks can be listed under an artists works if they have contributed in any way to the artbook
    • Official single-source artbooks: Listed under artist's works and image in source page gallery, linking to artists when known
    • Personal artbooks: Listed under artist's works and image in artist page gallery
    • Collaborative artbooks: Only needs listing under works, or can also add image to artist page
    • Unofficial/multiple source artbooks only need to be on the artist pages; can link to source if relevant

Concerning Doujins

  • Doujins should not be created as pages unless for some reason that doujin is a source on E-Shuushuu.
  • Doujins should remain on the artist's page, rather than the source pages unless they are official source doujinshis (like company-released fan books). The source page can be linked from where the doujin is listed under the artist's works.

Useful Coding

Copy+Paste page titles so there are no errors in coding.

  • Internal Links: [[Title]]
  • Internally Link Other Text: [[Title|Text]]
  • Internal Links (Categories): [[:Category:Title|Text]]
  • External Links: [Link Text]
  • Images 1: [[File:image.jpg]]
  • Images 2: [[Image:image.jpg]]
  • Image (Sized): [[File:image.jpg|220px]] (change pixel size as appropriate)
  • Image Galleries: <gallery>File:image.jpg|Caption File:image2.jpg|Caption2</gallery> (start a new line when you add a new file to make the coding easier to read)
  • Strike Through: <s>Text</s> (For dead links)
  • Footnotes (Appears as number): <ref>Note text here.</ref>
  • Footnotes (Notes gathered where you put this): <references />
  • YouTube EMB Video: {{#ev:youtube|VIDCODE}}
  • NicoNico EMB Video: {{#ev:nico|VIDCODE}}