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This article will explain to you how to properly use E-Shuushuu without facing problems like reposts, or disabled images.

Rule Compliance

All images posted on E-Shuushuu must comply with our rules. So please, before posting, read the rules. If English is not your native language, you can select from our translated rules.

How to Search for Images

Images on E-Shuushuu use a tag system. The tags are sorted by Theme, Source, Character and Artist. The tags are from a pre-determined list, that require quotations in order to be valid. If a tag is absent from an existing image on the board, you can use the report function to notify the Tagging Team. Please note that all newly-created artist tags require a link to a personal account or valid reference, such as AnimeNewsNetwork's encyclopedia.

  • The Advanced Search option allows you to search for different requirements, including Image Properties and Comments.
  • A Similar Image Search function is available; while it's convenient to search images you may have missed, it is not entirely reliable.
  • You can filter out a tag by prefixing it with "!"

How to Post Images

Ensure that you image is compliant with the rules and that your image has not been posted before, before posting. To save bandwidth, the board only allows images of jpg, png, and gif format, no larger in file size than 16MB.

Tagging Images

Tag all images that you post to the best of your ability. Tags should be added before or immediately after posting every image (not added after a batch upload unless there are special circumstances, like missing tags from the database).

  • Theme Tags: The major rule for theme tags is 'tag what you see'. Not what is suggested or written on the image (exceptions include "android" and "trap"). Each theme tag has a description for guidance, or you can view our more detailed information here on the wiki. It's impossible to remember all of the pre-determined tags immediately, which is why our Tagging Team is here to help; just don't be lazy or repeatedly ignore advice. Remember, every time you post an untagged image, Yatchen has to clean it up! Please think of Yatchen!
  • Source Tags: Source tags often have parent/child relationships, meaning that an original source (the parent tag) may be linked with a sequel/spin-off of this source (the child tag). When this is the case, tag according to the character(s).
  • Character Tags: Character names are written in Surname|Given Name order for Eastern names, and Given Name|Surname order for Western names. If you are unsure of spelling, you can check previous images.
  • Artist Tags: Be careful, as many artists use the same name. If you are unsure, you can leave the name and link to the artist in the Misc. Metadata field. Many of our artist tags are now aliased to their Pixiv IDs to make them easier to locate. You can type "Pixiv " then the number at the end of their Pixiv profile URL to try to find the specific artist. Character Designers are often NOT the artist. The mangaka is NOT the artist of anime images. Fanarts are drawn by fans, not the original artist. Names are also written in Surname|Given Name order for Eastern names, and Given Name|Surname order for Western names. Circle names are often used instead of individual artists if there is a lack of information or the artists always work as part of this group.
  • Misc Metadata: Only put relevant or useful information in the Misc. Metadata field. See Linking Text in Comments for how to link text.

If you are still unsure of Source, Character or Artist information after research, you can leave the field blank (except for theme tags). If a Source, Character or Artist tag is missing from our database, the information can be written in the Misc. Metadata field. Remember that all newly-created Artist tags require a link to a personal account or valid reference, such as AnimeNewsNetwork's encyclopedia, though any information that you have that might help our team find a link is also welcomed.

New theme tags can be suggested using the forum, here, for group evaluation. New theme tags should be rather simple, obvious, not ambiguous and not infringe the rules.

And now you can press the upload button!

If you are unsure if your image complies with the rules, you can submit your image for review. Images that contain spoilers should be marked as 'Spoiler'. You can disable your own images only if absolutely necessary (e.g. posting the same file twice by accident).

How to Report Images

The Report Function allows users to notify the team about inappropriate images, incorrect/missing tags and reposts.

When reporting a reposted image, try to report the image that should be taken down, unless you are unsure, and add a link to the older duplicate, or higher quality version. It helps the Moderator team if you leave a space before the link, as it makes the link clickable when sent.

You can also report simply to request a review of the image (that is not your own), if you feel that it may be on the borderline of complying with the rules.

Please keep in mind that the rules have changed over the years, so older images may not be subject to current guidelines.

It is not commonplace to report ones own images unless they are older; tags missing from our database can instead be added to the Misc. Metadata field.

Disabled Images

You can always message the Moderators if you think there is a problem with a decision, but remember that they have the last word. Their decisions may occasionally bend the rules if there an issue with them arises.


Remember your netiquette (net etiquette) when leaving comments on images, and avoid commenting on old images from years before.

You may receive comments that suggest tags that you may have forgotten; this is to help others learn and remember tags, so don't feel bad.

Linking Text in Comments

To link a word or phrase in your comment, rather than posting a long URL, you can use this coding:

  • [url="Link"]Text[/url]

This also works in the Misc. Metadata section.

Customising Your E-Shuushuu


Users can sometimes have custom titles next to their names. For a custom title, you may ask on the forum, here. The Moderators will grant you a custom title if they think you contribute enough to the board and if the title is accurate. Request title changes sparingly!

Showing/Hiding Disabled Images

Go to your Profile and click 'Board Settings'. Here you can untick the box next to 'Show disabled images?' and click 'Submit' to show or hide disabled images.

E-Shuushuu Forum

Accessing the Forum

Click on your Profile to see the 'Forum Account' Option.

Joining the Team

I'm sure some of you would like to become a Tagging Team member, but this requires expert knowledge of our pre-determined tags and an assessment of site contribution, behaviour and suitability for integration into our current team. Other skills may also be assessed, for example in translation of Japanese.

You can apply on the forum here. Then the Tagging Team and Moderators will give their opinion about your candidature.

Moderators are mostly chosen by the Admin or elected.

As a Team Member

  • Policy changes are also discussed in private in the Moderator section of the forum. It is a democratic process... and takes time.
  • Tagging Team Members have access to additional parts of Shuu, including Tagging Team Forums, Tagging Team Discord and parts of Shuu used to edit the tags, including seeing the 'Missing Tag Information' Reports.
  • A Moderator or Tagging Team member may add a new Source/Character/Artist tag without the consensus of other members, provided he/she follows the rules concerning the adding of tags. Most Source/Character/Artist tags are added this way.
  • The addition of a new theme tag is not done lightly, and must be discussed, first in the tag suggestion thread, here, and sometimes in the Tagging Team forum. The discussions may vary in duration depending on the tag, but the Moderators have the final say on the matter.
  • Team members are not required to give their opinion to every topic, but they may be voiced by e-mail, on the forum, or the IRC Chat.

I Still Need Help!

If you are still unsure, you can ask the Moderators (red titles) or a member of the Tagging Team (orange titles). You can also contact us using our Discord support channel, here.