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How to use E-shuushuu

E-shuushuu is an imageboard which needs brain power first! This article will explain to you how to properly use E-shuushuu without facing problems like reposts, or disabled images. Of course ore-sama is not guaranteeing that you will never make such mistake, hence advice those who fail at keeping their cool to get a real life, and practice yoga. But first, a page of history young padawan.

In the beginning...

There was Anonymous Object, who decided to create an image board on the World Wide Web. This image board was totally written by himself, inspired by moeboard. Why do you need to know that? Because starting from scratch means that the board was far from being feature completed like today and this seems to be one problem for most people who make repost.

  • During that period, images didn't have tags! The only means of searching were either by source, character, or artist. But since e-shuushuu was only a small community then, everybody knew which images have already been posted and which ones are new.
  • Later, they added the tag system, allowing users to assign any number of predefined tags to images, to allow a more user friendly way of searching for images. However the list of tags was not as extensive as the one we have today, and it's still getting bigger.
  • Then source tags were added. To be almost totally transparent, the old source fields were carried over and the most popular titles (eg. To Heart, Fate/Stay Night, etc.) were converted into the source tags by Anonymous Object himself.
  • Lastly, the artist tag were added, in the same fashion as the source tag.
  • Also to be noted were several change in rules, especially concerning minimum size, pantsu, nudity. For practicality's sake, new rules doesn't necessarily apply to old images (of course, that's still entirely up to the mod's discretion).

Before searching

Ok, you have an image you most likely found on the internet... you want to post it on shuushuu, but you NEED to search for repost first. But, before searching, it's a good idea to check the rules to see if your image complies with the rules. If you are not sure, you can always ask the moderators or a member of the tagging team (mods have a red title, while tagging team members have orange titles), they never ate any user as far as I know. If you post and get your image. Keep in mind if you don't want to waste bandwidth that the board doesn't allow image bigger than 16mb, and only in jpg, png, and gif format.


Good, your image is complying to the rules, or you just want to get hit. Now we can search for repost. For that, it's better to keep in mind the history page I wrote earlier. For searching you should try checking the fields in this order:

  1. Source, character, and artist
  2. Oldest theme tag
  3. Newer theme tag

Source, character and artist are what will give you the best search result since they don't really vary between user, either you know or you don't. A good knowledge about game, manga, anime, and artist however is required. If there is 2 titles, try the parent tag, which includes also the child tag. However these parent/child relation are not always done because most of the tag were generated by a computer. To check this, just click on the tag to get the description.

You can narrow your search by adding some theme. There is more chance that old image have old tag, because ore-sama rarely goes back to tag them, considering the huge amount of picture is present on the board. As a matter of fact, please consider using the search by tag as a search on Google.

I mean that searching "E-shuushuu" returns more result than "E-shuushuu kawai imageboard" 
and you don't get any results with "E-shuushuu kawai imageboard ore-sama". 

So the more tag you used for searching, the less result you get, to the point that there is no result.

But there shouldn't be any problem if people tag correctly their image, I should just find it by using the tag I would apply to my image. WRONG!

  1. One difference in the tags and you won't find it.
  2. Tags are added with time, but the older image don't necessarily have the new tag.
  3. Some tag are to some degree subjective, meaning it depends of the person. Perception of hair color for instance might differ, or the definition of long or short hair.
  4. Not everyone is versed in the art of tagging, and even the tag team can forget tag. Remember that tagged image are the work of human, and as such, mistake can occur.

And finally some advice I can give you:

  • Use the thumbnail view, it's faster.
  • For character, use the wildcard (asterisk). It will widen your search and make it order-proof for name and first name if you use either one.
  • You can filter out a tag by prefixing it with "!".

Recently a similar image search function was added. While it's convenient, it won't always work when images have difference like color saturation, or presence of text, cropping, etc...

Posting an image

You are now sure there is no repost, so you can finally get to that moment of delight and pure happiness when you will click the upload button. But there is one task left, tagging your picture!


For the theme tags, you tag only the elements depicted on the picture, not what is implied. Also, you can click on each theme tag to get a description. We know that there is quite a lot of tags, and as such we will forgive you if you don't put everything... except if you appear like a lazy person and are repeatedly ignoring the rules, in which case you have a high chance of getting banned. Lastly, if you don't know some information, you can leave the field blank, except for theme tags, and written information on your image. We expect you to add the obvious. Remember, everytime you post an untagged image, Yatchen has to clean it up! Please think of Yatchen!

Concerning the source tag, there are just a few guidelines. First, if the source or artist needed is not available yet, just add it in the misc data field, and we will add it later. If there is a source tag with parent/child relation, you need to tag according to the character.

For tagging characters, either you know and you type, or you can search from the previous images on the board or Google. Try to keep the order of the name and first name like those on previous pictures. For several characters, separate them with a coma.


For the artist, you know or you don't know. A few things must be cleared from the beginning;

  1. The character designer is rarely the artist of your image, except in some cases.
  2. Images from an anime are not from the manga, hence the artist is not the mangaka.
  3. Fanart are draw by fans, not by the original artist.

If you don't find a tag, change the order of the last name / first name. Also, it happens sometimes that people use the circle name instead of the artist because of lack of information which is not penalized, so try the circle name.

As a last resort, if the tag is not present, you can suggest source and artist in the Misc. Metadata field; a member of the moderator or tag team will add it. Theme tag should be suggested on the forum.

And now you can press the upload button and be proud because your image won't get disabled !

If you really lack information on an image concerning the source, character, or artist, don't comment or put this on the Misc. Metadata field of your image:

Plz help me I don't know what is the source

This is useless since the community should help each other, and it's in fact more annoying.

It got disabled

Blame yourself. Ore-sama made this tutorial so as to avoid this, without any guarantee! Anyway, you can always talk with the mods if you think there is a problem with their decision. However, don't act like a retard, it's useless and will only bring chaos and destruction over your poor account. Remember that mods always have the last word, and their decision can bend the rules if needed to keep the value of the board since rules are not flawless.


You might also be commenting or receiving comments to your images. I hope I don't need to write the netiquette assuming you know it already, or you can just go here. Also avoid posting on really old images from 2 years ago. Chances are no one will ever see your comment. Posting comments for the sake of raising your post count is also useless since members are judged solely by their contribution to e-shuushuu.

Concerning tagging, some people might suggest to add a few you might have forgotten. Don't take it badly, they just want to help you and everybody went through this step, and even old members can forget tags. Don't complain about not being able to find reposts due to bad tagging, since even veteran members get their images disabled all the time, and with the sheer volume of images in the gallery, there are bound to be a few images left untagged. The tag system is not perfect and the moderators and the tag team are only human, and yes, most of them actually have lives outside of shuushuu, so they can't moderate/tag all the time. Shuushuu is run by volunteers who would get either very little or nothing back for their hard work, so be nice to them (especially to Evangeline Mcdowell since she's evil, my waifu and won't hesitate to ban you ). We are forgiving on such matters and a repost is not the end of the world for you; just don't take it to heart, but don't slack off either.

You can suggest a new tag in the forum. New tags should be rather simple, obvious, not ambiguous, not infringe the rules, etc... For a custom title, it's over there. Moderator will grant you a custom title if they think you contribute enough to the board, if the title is correct, and if you didn't change it for a while.

Behind the scenes

I'm sure some of you would like to become a tag team member, but it's not because you want to that you will become one. First of all, you need to apply here. Then the tag team and mod team will give their opinion about your candidature. Our opinion is mostly based on your behavior, contribution, and potential integration in the team. We rarely come to you. You have to make the first move.

Moderators on the other hand are mostly chosen by the admin or elected.

Policy changes are also discussed in private in the moderator forum. It's a rather civilized and democratic process... and takes lots of time. Well, what is the most important for you to know is that new rules are not applied to old images.

There are two ways a tag is added to the board.

  • A moderator or tag team member may add a new tag without the consensus of other members, provided he/she follows the rules concerning the adding of tags. Most source tags are added this way as the scope of a source tag is pretty much defined. This method allows for an expedited process of adding source tags requested by shuushuu's members
  • On the other hand, the addition of a new theme tag is not done lightly, and must be discussed, first in the tag suggestion thread and sometimes in the tag team forum. The discussions may vary in duration from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the tag, but the moderators have the final say on the matter.

Note that team members are not entitled to give their opinion to each topic. You can always voice yours either by e-mail, on the forum, or the IRC Chat.