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April 14th, 2009 by Nine_Lives


jacket, button down/open in front, sweater (button down only), long sleeved, or short sleeved

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Basic Information

A piece of clothing worn over a shirt, dress, etc. It is usually intended to keep the wearer warm or to add style to their looks. May be practical or fashionable. They must be button down, zip down, or otherwise open in the front. Sweaters may apply, but the same rules go for them as well. A pullover jacket or sweater does not count. If you can't see the jacket opening in the front because the character is angled, you should be able to tell that they are wearing a jacket and not simply a long sleeved shirt or the like. This may be seen by a collar sticking out over the top, sleeves under the jacket sleeves, etc. Parent tag to raincoat and (for some reason) hoodie.


  • Not for sleeveless jackets (unsure why?)
  • Used for button down sweaters according to the description (unsure why?)
  • Not for suit blazers, only jackets on top


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