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Manga (漫画) refers to comics or graphic novels originating from Japan, that are often read from right to left.

The category of manga should be reserved for published Japanese manga; not webcomics (see Webcomic) or unpublished 4komas (see 4koma). Published 4koma may also use this category. The category title (manga/manhwa/manhua) depends on the country of origin, not the edition language.



Manhwa (만화) refers to comics originating from Korea. Published Korean manhwa should be categorised as Manhwa.


Manhua (漫画 / 漫畫) refers to comics originating from China or in the Greater China region. Published Chinese manhua should be categorised as Manhua.


Unpublished comics with a page format. They should be categorised as Webcomic. Endless scroll formats should instead be categorised as Webtoon.


4-koma (4コマ) are 4-panelled manga comics, often with some kind of gag. Unpublished 4koma should only use the 4koma category, but published Japanese 4koma can be categorised as 4koma and Manga.


A comic or webtoon published in a stand-alone issue or chapter.