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How to set up mIRC to view and send UTF-8 text.

  1. Open the channel font options. Right click on a channel in the channel list and select 'Font'.
    Mirc utf8-1.png
  2. Set the channel font to display and encode UTF-8. Select a unicode font. Then select the script as 'Japanese' or whatever language you are interested in. Most importantly, under the UTF-8 dropdown, choose "Display and Encode".
    Mirc utf8-2.png
  3. Go to the mIRC Options in the Tools menu.
    Mirc utf8-3.png
  4. In the IRC section, select Messages. Here you should check 'UTF-8 Display'. Make sure 'SJIS/JIS conversion' is unchecked.
    Mirc utf8-4.png