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Active Moderators

This is the current list of E-shuushuu's moderators. They have a red nickname due to the numerous victims that died trying to infringe rules. But it's not visible elsewhere since they like cosplaying.

Retired Moderators/Notable Users


E-Shuushuu Moderators play an important role in running the imageboard.

  • Act as liaison between the users and Anonymous_object.
  • Monitor the activities of the members to ensure the rules are being followed, and enforce them when necessary.
  • Help users to get familiar with E-shuushuu's system.
  • Warning and sanctioning users who do not comply to the Rules or Moderator requests.
  • Act as arbiters between user to user disputes.
  • Enable/disable images depending on the situation.

How Mods are Chosen

Moderator candidates are suggested in one of two ways:

  • A Moderator suggests a User who is fit for the job to the administrator.
  • The team comes with a list of candidates suitable, then submit it to a vote by the community of E-shuushuu.

Candidates are chosen according to their contribution and behaviour on the board, forum, and wiki.