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This is the current list of E-shuushuu's moderators. Do not piss them off. They have a red nickname due to the numerous victims that died while trying to infringe rules. But it's not visible elsewhere since they like cosplaying.

Retired Moderators, and other special users.

Responsibilities Shuushuu moderators play an important role in the running of the imageboard.

  • Act as liaison between the users and Anonymous_object.
  • Monitor the activities of the members to ensure the rules are being followed, and enforce them when necessary.
  • Help users to get familiar with E-shuushuu's system.
  • Warning and sanctioning users who do not comply to the rules or moderator requests.
  • Act as arbiters between user to user disputes.
  • Enable/disable images depending on the situation.

How mods are chosen Mods are chosen in 2 ways.

  • A moderator suggests a user who is fit for the job to the administrator.
  • The team comes with a list of candidates suitable, then submit it to a vote by the community of E-shuushuu.

Candidates are chosen according to their contribution and behaviour on the board, forum, and wiki.