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No Surface Moon

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Alt Name(s):

  • Kao no Nai Tsuki
  • Moonlight Lady



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Basic Information

No Surface Moon (顔のない月) is a Japanese visual novel and the debut work of Orbit and Root, with character design and original picture by CARNELIAN.

A spin-off game, Suzuna Nikki, was released in limited numbers in 2004, available exclusively to members of the official Orbit fanclub; this game uses the same source tag. Touka Gettan, another spin-off game, was released in 2007.

There is an anime adaptation, for which Ishihara Megumi worked as the character designer, that was released in America as Moonlight Lady.

Tagging Information

  • Try not to get confused between the artists; CARNELIAN is only the artist for the game. Official images from the anime are by different artists, along with images from the comic anthologies.







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