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Pixiv Fetcher is a Greasemonkey script written by Merun which will add romanized name to Pixiv pages. This includes member pages and image pages.

How does it work?

  • Script retrieves the artist id from the page.
  • Script send a request to my database server ( Not E-shuushuu )
  • Script puts the name below the avatar if the id is in the database

The database used relies on the wiki. However it's not updated in real time as some manual treatment is needed. As of now, 16 484 artists are in the database, which is a bit less than the real number on the wiki. Please note that the wiki doesn't reflect necessarily the artist tags of E-shuushuu.

Release Note

0.1.1 - 8 May 2011

  • Fixed a bug which broke the "add to favorites" button of Pixiv

0.1 - 7 May 2011

  • Initial release

Installation / Update

The script is still in beta. Feedbacks and suggestions are welcome.

For Firefox:

  1. Install the Greasemonkey addon
  2. Restart your browser
  3. Download the script : Pixiv Fetcher

For Chrome:

  1. Install the Tampermonkey addon
  2. Download the script : Pixiv Fetcher

To update the script, just download it again.


The script was tested and should work on Firefox 3.6/4.0 and Chrome. For support, PM Merun or post on the forum. No support is provided for other browsers than Firefox.

To Do

  • Integrate an updating mechanism

Known issues