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This page aims at providing a quick reference on tags which people usually have problems with. For a list of all of the tags, see Theme Tags. It's important to tag what you see. This guide will be here for the hardest of tags.


For four panelled manga only. Does not require the manga tag.


For characters with their mouths in the '3' shape, like a cat.


An intentional piece of hair that sticks up.


Creatures or objects personified as humans.

Ao dai

Vietnamese clothing.

Bloomers (gym shorts)

Gym shorts, not the fluffy undergarment.


Require no other tags. For more information see E-chuuchuu.


Style of fashion. Possibly tanned skin, gaudy jewellery, vibrant nail polish, loose clothes, blonde hair, etc. Also for gyaruo (male gyaru) and ganguro (fake tan, bleached haired gyaru) fashion.


A traditional pleated skirt that goes from the waist to the ankles, often worn over a kimono and tied with a bow at the front.


Traditional Korean clothing.


A character with each eye a different colour. Eye color must still be tagged.


A low wooden table covered by a blanket or futon, with a tabletop above. Underneath is a heat source, often built into the table itself.

Lolita fashion

An outfit that often consists of a bell-shape, knee-length, frilly dress/skirt with a Victorian influence. Not for actual Victorian clothing.

Mahou Shoujo

For girls with magic girl appearance. Frilly clothing, wands, etc. Not for someone casting serious magic. For spell casting, you can add "magic"


For eyeglasses. Not the same as the goggles or sunglasses tags.


For shrine maidens or shrine maiden outfits.


Ears. Tags include:


Swimsuit. School swimsuits should instead be tagged with school mizugi (often dark-blue or white one-piece swimsuit with a name tag on the chest).


Girl or daughter. Used in the mecha musume tag.


Hairbuns, one or two.


Hot springs in which people bath. It's generally outdoor. It should not be confused with household bathtubs.


Chinese dress. Not meant for Chinese pants/outfits. For dresses!

Race queen

Models for automotive events. May be posing next to a vehicle.


School backpack with a curved top used for primary/elementary school. Usually red.


Cherry blossoms. Can be on a tree or floating through the air.


A school/sailor uniform. Does not need skirt or ribbon tag if they are part of it. However, jacket, hat, and tie should be added when seen. If a seifuku is also a dress, both tags may be added.


Chest Bandages.


Angel. Should be used for white wings, and/or halo.

Teru Teru Bozu

Rain doll.


Biologically male, cross-dressing to look female. Only allowed if they canonically cross-dress. Also applies to girls that look like boys ('reverse trap').


For characters with their eyes closed upward: ^_^. Not downward: v_v. Does not have to be smiling; mouth expression or emotion should also be tagged if applicable.