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The Report Function

This was created to allow users of any type to alert the mods of images that need tags, are against the rules, are reposts, or any other sort of issue they may happy upon. Because some users don't know very much about this button and its uses, this guide has been crafted.

How to Report a Repost

We’ve all seen images on shuu that makes you go “Haven’t I seen that one before?” And in a split second later someone posts the link to the first image, marking it as a repost. This guide will tell you about reposts and the way they work.

What is a repost?

The first question you may ask yourself is this: what is a repost? A repost is an image that is posted, but has been posted previously. Basically, they are duplicate images. A repost image is an image that is the same as an older image, but posted more recently, a smaller version of a previous image, a version of an old image that has lower quality, or sometimes, a larger version of an older image with much lower quality.

How do I find a repost?

Of course you can go around shuu finding the same images through (if you have your standard settings) 9000 pages, but there’s a feature that can help you out. The “Find Similar” option. This can be found by this icon:Search.png This will bring you to the similar field what is shown like this:


As you see, this image has a repost. Now that you’ve found the image, click on the image that is labeled as a match and copy the image link (Example: for the top image) and put it on your clipboard.

How do I report an image?

Reporting a repost is as simple as finding the same image with the find similar option. Now, instead of the find similar icon (Search.png), you click on this icon: Report.png This is report image option. As previously mentioned, you can report an image for a repost, spam, inappropriateness or other things that collides with the Shuu rules. Now you get this screen:


Here you can paste the link in the comment field and click “submit”.

What now?

Now the mods will get a notification of a reposted image and mark that image as such. You can continue on your search for reposts or just press F5 to refresh until the image is marked as a repost. You can also comment on the images to clarify their being reposts. A few things to note: if you image was a repost; don't despair! Simply find an even better version of the image or go off to find some more images that comply with the shuu rules. There is no reason to hung up about simple reposts: everyone has them. The mods are a busy group. Next to judging images, disabling images and marking reposted images they also have a life. Do not try to force them via Pm or post in the comment field about reposts. This may be not noticed, but using the repost image option will send a notification to all mods in an instant. Don't always rely on the search for similar image. Honestly, humans are better than any computer when it comes to judgment especially with cropped images, photoshopped, text, etc , etc. The options mentioned above are useful, and the search option is also a way to find the same image.

How to Report Spam, Inappropriate Images, Etc

The other three categories on your report function may be used to report either spam, images that go against the shuushuu rules, or anything else you may notice than requires our attention but doesn't fit in the other categories.

About Spam

Spam is when a person posts outside links that have nothing to do with the concerned image, says the same thing repeatedly on every image they see, uses the image board for off-topic discussion, etc. Reporting spam will allow the moderators to decide if any links need to be removed, give them a chance to warn the user, allow them to lock the comments on images to prevent further discussion, etc.

About Inappropriate Images

An inappropriate image is something that goes against the rules of e-shuushuu. There are various reasons for images to go against the rules: containing explicit material, exhibiting very low quality, having a watermark, etc. These are all listed within the rules themselves.

About Anything Else=

The final section of the report finction is meant for various things. It could be used to report an image that needs a tag created for it, needs an artist tag added to it, or an image with absolutely no tags, though reporting tagless images should be kept to a minimum because there are many images on shuu without tags, and the tagging team works hard to tag them as best they can. However, note that the taggers have lives and do need to do other things on occasion, so pushing them to tag through PMs is also quite pointless.