Rules in English

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  • Images should include at least one female character. Cute images should be the focus. Guro, hentai, etc are not allowed.
  • Images should not contain nudity. The only exception to this is if it is exclusively for artistic purposes.
  • Characters should not be in overly sexually poses or positions.
  • 'Trap' characters are allowed if they were presented as such in the original source or are fully genderswapped (not just wearing clothes of the opposite sex).
  • Minimum resolution for non-animated images is 350x350.
  • Images should not contain compression artifacts, color impurities, or have other quality issues.
  • Screenshots are not allowed.
  • Watermarked images are not allowed unless the mark is by the original artist or studio.
  • Cosplay photographs are allowed in limited quantities (3 per day).
  • Reposts of images will be disabled unless the more recent image is a clear improvement of the previous one in terms of size/resolution, quality or if enough differences between both images exist to warrant leaving them both enabled.