Signing Up On Piapro

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On the right side of the piapro main page, there is a sign-in box, something very familiar to the regular internet user. Click the hyperlinked text (ピアプロID・パスワードを忘れた>>) and you'll be able to start setting up your own account.


The first page you'll see will be this:



The next page is the usual "agree to these terms and you can sign up" page. It's the usual stuff. Just don't steal and upload peoples' art on here. If you want to have the whole thing translated, feel free to do so and add it to the tutorial.


The page after that wants your e-mail address again. The red text warns you not to make a mistake with the input. Click the button on the right to move on.


This next page is telling you to be patient if youe e-mail doesn't work. It tells you to check the spam folder. If the e-mail doesn't reach you after about an hour, maybe half an hour, you should give it a new address to try.


Now for the personal information.



Verify that you input everything correctly, the press the right button to move on.


Congrats, you're done! Click the link to go back to the piapro main page.