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All Japanese site = difficulties for the layman. Your first step is to click the orange box that says "sign up for pixiv". You then put your e-mail address in the big blank box you see next. If your traditional e-mail address doesn't work, try a new one. It likes yahoo/g-mail/hotmail addresses more than addresses from companies such as comcast or the like. Hit enter, then hit the buton on the right for it to accept your address:


You'll get an e-mail if your address is accepted. Click the link. Next you'll see a form with a bunch of empty boxes and a lot of Japanese:


The last thing on the page is a large box where you may type a self-introduction. A good self-introduction? "Hi". That's all you need, but you can be a little more detailed or lengthy if you want. Hit the button at the bottom and it'll shoot you to the main page. First thing to note on this page is that it is, of course, in Japanese. I'm not writing a guide on navigating pixiv once youve signed up, so you'll have to wing it. The art in the two little rows at the top of the page is stuff being submitted right now. The art on the right side of the page is the popular stuff. The best way to find some nice artists is to start off with a good one (you can get from from the Artist section of the wiki if you want). Then from that good artist's pixiv, navigate through the other artists.

A few notes on the sign up:

  • I recommend using the same nickname and sign in name. You can change your nick, but you can't change your sign in name, and you really don't want to forget it.
  • Just make up the info. Unless you're using this guide so that you can submit work on pixiv and whatnot, it doesn't matter what your information says.