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For Tagging Team members and Moderators!

Bored and want to help E-Shuushuu? Here are some things you can help doing!

(I won't be checking spellings or anything here as this is a list of tasks that should change a lot; and tasks are never-ending)

Tagging Team

E-Shuushuu Tasks

  • Add Pixiv ID child tags to Artist tags that are missing them. This is to help identify duplicate artists tags on the board. Many have been done already, though there are hundreds of pages of artists that have not been checked. All Artist tags. If older artists pages are missing links in their descriptions, they are more likely to be on the wiki.
  • Keep Pixiv names of artists updated; though be careful not to change real names, etc.
  • Tommy Walker games are still missing artist and character tags. If the artist is known and their Tommy Walker accounts are still active, it's pretty simple to find the character. Ask WhiteKitten for details. Sometimes a simple google search will find the artist, but not always.


  • Fix artist names; there are a lot of spelling mistakes or the artist doesn't match the E-Shuushuu tags, in which case they want moving. A minor edit to an old page should allow you to move it if it's not working.
  • Update artist page titles to the current artist tag title as it is on E-Shuushuu, including removing / JP from page titles. Certain characters break pages and if the name is not identical, it stops the artist tag linking directly to the Wiki.
  • Add the E-Shuushuu Tag links to the Misc. Metadata of the artist pages. Many don't currently link back to E-Shuushuu which won't be helpful if their name changes.
  • Categorise files. Artist banners just need [[Category:Artist Banner]] pasting into the description.

For Server Owner (from Kitten):