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Starting over from scratch... T_T

Perhaps it is a bit presumptuous of me, but I believe it might be a good idea to discuss how the 
page layouts should be formatted at this point, before re-adding the data we had before.

    * For example, should the order of names be 'given family', 'family, given', or 'family given'?

I would suggest leaving artist name formatting according to the following standards

  1. For normal cases:
       lastname firstname / jpname
    * take note of single space between slash and names

  2. For cases when only english name is given (eg. deviantartists/western pen names):
       lastname firstname
  3. For cases when only Japanese name is available:

Consequently, if an artist has a work/circle that is the same as his pen name (eg Carnelian), the artist name has right-of-way. Circles and works should be appended with a "_circle" or "_comic" appropriately. You can still display the name of the work without the suffix by using | in the wikilink. An example would be:

[[sample artist_circle|sample artist]]


This example will show the link as sample artist but link to sample artist_circle like this sample artist.

Also, everyone feel free to check/modify the sample template provided.

 * Should studios be considered a subset of circles or made into their own category?

Merun's idea was that circles and studios would each have their own category. If Circles are linked with the artists, then Publishers/Studios are linked with works. This would indeed give more flexibility when it comes to searching for all games made by Typemoon for instance

* note: To keep things organized, lets keep the works lists in alphabetical order

    * I was wondering if we could separate the Works section we had previously into subsections of
 doujin, games, anime, etc.

This would be doable provided we classify everything correctly form the very start. My suggestion on the divisions although it might be too much XD :

Classifications of work types:

  • Doujinshi / 同人誌
  • Doujin CG / 同人CG (cg cd's)
  • Doujin Soft / 同人ソフト (games, visual novels)
  • Doujin other / 同人その他 (posters, calendars)
  • Commercial Comic (whole) / 商業コミック(全) (Standalone Manga)
  • Commercial Comic (part) / 商業コミック(抜粋) (Compiled/Serialized Manga)
  • Commercial Magazine / 雑誌
  • Commercial CG / 商業CG
  • Commercial Soft / 商業ソフト
  • Commercial Novel / 商業ノベル
  • Commercial Artbook / 商業アートブック
  • Commercial Other / 商業その他
  • Anime / アニメ (not quite sure about this one as they are not usually the actual artists, but the lead designers for the art in these cases. It can alternatively be categorized as Commercial Other)

    * Possibly have just one name for the artist's page (instead of having Noizi Ito / いとうのいぢ as
 a page name, having just Noizi Ito or いとうのいぢ). Ideally (in my opinion), we could have a few
 pages with the artists listed in several ways (given name first, family name first, Japanese name,
 etc.) and have the links redirected to their main page.

Anyway, just some examples/ideas. I don't remember what the original template Evangeline came up 
with looked like either, so I'll stop here and wait for other's thoughts/opinions.


I think the formatting of the artist page titles should be the final format. Everything else would be redirects to the artist page. And even if you searched for "Noiji Itoh" even though the actual article title is "Itou Noizi / いとうのいぢ" mediawiki would still give you a list of the most probable results (unless there was no such page in the first place). If people want to make redirect pages to the proper article, then that would be nice, but I think we should be concentrating our efforts on populating the wiki with data first.

I would like to add a couple things: 1. For name formatting, if we do use the format Lastname Firstname / Jpname, I would recommend putting a comma between Lastname and Firstname so we have Lastname, Firstname / Jpname. I know in Japan lastnames are generally listed before given names, but not everyone knows this and we will also have non-Japanese artists listed here as well.

2. I think I agree with Fuwari's suggestion to have just one name for an artist's page may be worth doing. I'm just concerned about linkability to some pages that may contain Japanese text. Not everyone has full Japanese text support and not all applications support it fully (JP text through IRC is a pain, for example). If we can do the redirects at a later point, then it's not a big issue. Also, can wiki pages be renamed easily?

3. I made a post on the shuushuu forums about H related doujins. I think our template should somewhere include a field denoting if a work is H

Otherwise, I agree with what Fuwari and Eva have posted ^^ -anonymous_object