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Renaming category and adjusting icon number

Copy pasta from the mod forum:

I don't know much why there are two. But the "part" is not used, so I think it can be merged with the "whole". We need to see this with Eva.

edit: I just though... what about removing the whole "commercial" part of these category. Replace comic with manga

</copy pasta>

I think we can make the separation between doujinshi clear also, by dividing the table holding the icons. One line for artist, circle, studio, etc, another for doujinshi, another for commercial stuff, and maybe more.

And for those who never use the discussion page. Just click on the "+" button to add a reply.

Yet another reply

Weird, you actually talk in the talk category? I dunno what you're talking about in the mod forum, but... Commercial Comic ---> Manga? That's a lot less confusing and more likely to be used. I also think someone should make an anime template so people can at least edit that section if they're bored.

Would love to separate it that way, but the amounts are pretty uneven.

Edit: Okay, moved doujin stuff down to the bottom row, but that'll be a temporary fix if we merge the commercial comic sections together.


hmm... I added the commercial comic (part) for the stuff that isn't quite manga but definitely has a series (eg. Strawberry Panic and Little Busters:The 4koma in Dengeki G's magazine and Azumanga Daioh in Dengeki Daioh). I don't feel too bad about merging the two though.


Ah, I see. I'd merge them, but there are no delete powarz for the Yatchen. Easy access here. I'm taking it off the main page so I can work to edit the page with the fewer icons. Also, I can't move the Commercial Comic Section either. Someone else will have to~ Edit: How's that look?

Moved to manga

Category can't be moved, so every article must be modified first.