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JP/KR/ZH Name:


Alt Name(s):












This template is to be used with each artist article. The name of the article must use this format : romanji / japanese

Here is what you should put in the article. Comments are between asterisks "*"

==Main Profile==

{{Artist Info |

| image = *Banner of the artist website. Upload it on the wiki then add it with [[image:filename]] . If there is no banner, leave it blank*

| name = *Romanji name. Use the Hepburn romanization unless the artist has it's own way of romanizing it, or just have a latin name. Name should be the same as the romanji name of the article.*

| jpname = *Name in Japanese, Korean and Chinese: Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji, a mix of Latin and Japanese, Korean and Chinese character. Leave it blank if the name is already in Latin character. Name should be the same as the Japanese, Korean and Chinese name of the article.*

| altname = *Put here real name, or other pen name. Don't forget to add a bullet point for each of them. If you have both romanji and japanese, keep this form: romanji / japanese*

| circle = *Put the circle in which the artist is a member. Guest art doesn't count as being part of the circle. Don't forget to add a bullet point for each of them and the internal linking*

| misc = *Any miscellaneous information not covered by the other field*

| site = *URL to the website of the artist. Add a bullet point for each. If the site contains explicit content, prefix the URL with the mention [NSFW] but keep an espace between the mention and the URL.

| studio = *Put the studio for which the artist is known to work for, with a bullet point for each.*

| works = *List the work of the artist. Keep it in alphabetical order : Alphanumerical, then latin alphabet, and lastly, japanese, using the usual format : romanji / japanese. For this, use a spreadsheet editor like Excel, especially for japanese name, and add the bullet point. Also each of them have to be internally linked.*


And here is a blank template. Just copy and paste it for new article. If your article does not include a pixiv account, please remember to remove that category. If it includes a DeviantART or Piapro account, please remember to add that category.

==Main Profile==

{{Artist Info |
| image =
| name =
| jpname =
| altname =
| circle =
| misc =
| site =
| studio =
| works =


[[Category:Artists]] [[Category:Pixiv Artist]]