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JP Name:


Alt Name(s):








This template is to be used with each circle article. The name of the article must use this format : romanji / japanese. Here is what you should put in the article. Comments are between asterisks "*"

{{Circle Info |

| image = *Banner of the circle website. Upload it on the wiki then add it with [[image:filename]] . If there is no banner, leavve it blank*

| name = *Romanji name. Use the Hepburn romanization unless the circle has it's own way of romanizing it, or just have a latin name. Name should be the same as the romanji name of the article.

| jpname = *Name in japanese: Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji, a mix of Latin and Japanese character. Leave it blank if the name is already in Latin character. Name should be the same as the japanese name of the article.

| altname = *Put here the eventual alternative name of the circle. Don't forget to add a bullet point for each of them. If you have both romanji and japanese, keep this form: romanji / japanese*

| site = *URL to the website of the circle. Add a bullet point for each. If the site contains explicit content, prefix the link with the mention [NSFW] while keeping the link clickable*

| misc = *Any miscellaneous information not covered by the other field*

| member = *Link to the artist article on the wiki for all artists part of the circle. Keep it in alphabetical order : Alphanumerical, then latin alphabet, and lastly, japanese, using the usual format : romanji / japanese. For this, use a spreadsheet editor like Excel, especially for japanese name, and add the bullet point. Also each of them have to be internally linked.*


And here is a blank template. Just copy and paste it for new article.

{{Circle Info |
| image =
| name =
| jpname =
| altname =
| site =
| misc =
| member =