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Please copy the template below.

Studios are now a subcategory of Video Games, so remember to add category coding for the developer/company so the game appears under the right place. The 'On Shuu' section is to add the link to the E-Shuushuu Tag.

Further information begins below 'Basic Information', which can include further headings such as 'Additional Information', 'Tagging Information', 'References' or sections that apply to adapted material.

Most vertical images will look right at 220px (Add '|220px' directly after the file name). Horizontal images will need to be wider, but reasonable. Link banners, like is used for artist pages, can remain at their own size. For NSFW cover images, when no other usable image is available, use 'Nsfw.jpg'

{{Video Game Info |
| image =
| name =
| jpname =
| altname =
| platform =
| official =
| onshuu =


==Basic Information==

[[Category:Works]] [[Category:Video Games]]