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March 21st, 2007 by anonymous_object


Girls that are really boys (or vice versa) and are presented convincingly in this manner in the original source material. They need to trick someone.

On Shuu:

Basic Information

A theme tag used for traps and reverse traps. If the character looks convincingly like a female, and he dresses like such in the original material, then he can stay. For example, Ciel Phantomhive is a trap because he crossdresses in the original source material. Watarase Jun is a trap because he is portrayed as a girl throughout the series.


  • He must crossdress in the original source material.
  • If the character is an original by the artist and is labeled as a trap it will be tagged as a trap. If it is from a series and the artist tags it as a trap, well, that may have nothing to do with whether or not it's a trap on shuu. If the character has a source, the source is canon.
  • If the artist says a character with a source is a trap but they did not crossdress in the source material, the source will be looked at first. This is different for genderswap.
  • Also applies for reverse traps (females who appear male)
  • An exception to the tag what you see tradition.